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AD Grass Seed Mixtures

BS Italian Ryegrass Seed Blend - Short Term, 1-2 yrs Ley Mixture

  • Blend of three Italian Ryegrass varieties
  • Includes two diploid and one tetraploid variety
  • Up to two years of intensive cutting and high yields
  • Responds very quickly to application of fertiliser
  • Suitable for spring or autumn sowing, perfect for anearobic digestion
  • Versatile short term mixture
  • Sowing rate: 15kg per acre. Pack size: 15kg

BS Silage & Haylage - Short Term, 1-2 yrs Ley Mixture

  • 25% Westerwolds, 20% Hybrid Ryegrass, 25% Italian Ryegrass, 30% Early Perennial Ryegrass
  • Suitable for intensive cutting regimes with high yields
  • Can be used as an after maize mixture and for anaerobic digestion
  • 67D approx 6 weeks after cutting with high sugar content
  • Rapid recovery after defoliation ensures reliable cuts later 
  • Suitable for high Nitrogen input systems
  • Sowing rate: 14 kg per acre. Pack size: 14kg 

BS Cutter - Medium Term, 2-3 yrs Ley Mixture

  • Blend of three Italian Ryegrass varieties and two Hybrid Ryegrass varieties
  • Mixture of both diploid and tetraploid varieties
  • Intensive cutting mixture for up to three years
  • Responsive to high fertiliser input
  • Excellent forage quality for ensiling and use in anaerobic digestors
  • Good regrowth after cutting
  • Sowing rate: 14kg per acre. Pack size: 14kg

BS Cut and Graze - Long Term, 3-5 yrs Ley Mixture

  • 35% Hybrid Ryegrass, 28% Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass, 32% Late Perennial Ryegrass, 5% White Clover
  • Delivers yield and quality for both cutting, grazing and use in anaerobic digestors
  • Combines quality grass at cutting with persistence and year round performance
  • Will cut or graze equally well with high annual yields
  • Excellent sward density so withstands heavy traffic
  • No clover option includes additional 5% Late PRG
  • Sowing rate: 14kg per acre. Pack size: 14kg

90% Strong CRF, 10% Creeping Bent

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