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With some fantastic bargains to be had across the range, there has never been a better time to grab a deal, but hurry, stocks are limited and available on a first come first served basis! All available with Next Day Delivery except yellow rattle plugs which will be delivered in around 5 working days.

BS 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer

A simple, easy to use, 5 litre sprayer that is ideal for applying water and liquid products. Perfect for applications of weedkiller on smaller areas or for spot treating weeds.  

  • Easy to use and assemble 
  • Features a 40cm trigger operated spray lance 
  • Ideal for spot treating weeds in lawns
  • 5 litre capacity

ColourMax 3 - Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine is a mixture of annual flowers in warm shades of yellow, gold and orange. Formulated using flower species from around the world, ColourMax annuals are ideal for creating spectacular summer flower beds.

  • ColourMax Annuals are a range of easy to grow flower seed mixtures. 
  • Formulated to give a full season of vibrant colours.
  • Contains over 20 different annual flower species.
  • Height 50-70cm.
  • Sowing rate: 3g/m². Mixture contents and information.

BS Spring & Summer Lawn Fertiliser 11.5.5

Apply BS Spring and Summer Lawn fertiliser to give your grass all the nutrients for healthy growth and a great appearance


  • Higher nitrogen content to encourage leaf and shoot growth
  • Nutrient release over a 6-8 week period
  • Can be applied from March to August
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 11.5.5
  • Recommended coverage is 20kg per 575sq/m. Apply at 35 grams per sq/m

BS Moss Destroyer Granules

Moss Destroyer granules are formulated to hit moss hard! The high iron content will blacken and kill the moss, whilst leaving the grass a deep shade of green.


  • Our most powerful moss control product
  • High Iron content will blacken and kill moss
  • Fast acting, leaves the grass a deep shade of green
  • Contains 12% Fe (Iron) and 5% MgO (Magnesium)
  • Recommended coverage is 25-50g/m². 20kg will cover 400-800m²

BS Mosskil with lawn food

Convenient 14kg pack for easier handling. Will leave your lawn looking lush and green for up to eight weeks.


  • Kills moss in 7 days, contains Iron
  • Feeds and greens the lawns
  • Can be applied during the spring and summer
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 14.0.5
  • Recommended coverage is 14kg per 400sq/m.

BS Spring Paddock Fertiliser 12.6.6

BS Spring Paddock Fertiliser is a high quality fertiliser specifically designed for the unique nutritional requirements of horse and pony pastures.


  • Encourages strong growth to provide grazing or a hay cut if required
  • Can be applied during the spring and summer
  • An effective fertiliser regime is essential to maintain a healthy and dense sward
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 12.6.6
  • Recommended coverage is 20kg per 575sq/m (approx. 6-7 bags per acre)

BS Premium Paddock Fertiliser 20.10.10

One of the most widely used fertiliser blends for pasture and paddocks. Commonly used on paddocks where a high output is required, such as a summer hay cut or intensive grazing.

  • A powerful, balanced fertiliser for use during the spring and summer growing season.
  • The most powerful fertiliser product in the range.
  • Available in 20kg bags.
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 20.10.10
  • Recommended coverage is 35g/m². 20kg will cover 570m²

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