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Contents of ColourMax BumbleBird Bonanza Mixture


Bumblebird Bonanze
Borago Borage Blue
Calendula Pot Marigold Orange
Centaurea Cornflower Blue
Helianthus Dwarf Sunflower Yellow
Nigella Love in a Mist Mixed
Phacelia Phacelia Purple
Anethum Dill Yellow
Malva Malva Purple
Sinapis Sinapis Yellow
Delphinium Larkspur Blue/Purple
Achillea Yarrow White
Agastache Hyssop Purple
Lupinus Lupin Mixed
Carthamus Safflower Orange
Cosmos Cosmos Pink/White/Red
Gailardia Blanket Flower Orange/Yellow
Lavatera Tree Mallow Pink/White/Red
Layia Layia Yellow
Limnanthes Poached Egg Plant White/Yellow
Mirabilis Mirabilis Yellow/Orange
Monarda Bee Balm Red/Pink
Papaver Poppy Red/Pink
Rudbeckia Black Eyed Susan Yellow/Orange/Black
Echinacea Coneflower Pink/White/Red
Verbena Vervian White/Pink

But this mixture. 

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