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Contents of ColourMax Diamond Jubilee Mixture

Species Common Name Colour
Amaranthus Amaranthus Red
Adonis Phesant's Eye Red
Callistephus Chinese Aster Red/Blue
Centaurea Cornflower Blue
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum White
Clarkia Clarkia Red
Cosmos Cosmos Red/White
Coreopsis Tickseed Red
Delphinium Larkspur Blue
Echium Blue Bedder Blue
Gillia Blue Thimble Blue
Gypsophila Baby's Breath White
Iberis Candytuft White
Lupinus Lupin White/Red/Blue
Nemophila Baby Blue Eyes Blue
Mirabilis Mirabilis Red
Papaver Poppy Red
Silene Silene White
Tetraglonobulus Winged Pea Red
Tithonia Mexican Sunflower Red
Zinnia Zinnia Red
Nigella Nigella Blue/White
Kochia Kochia Red
Viscaria Viscaria Red/White/Blue

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