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Stubble Turnip

Stubble turnips are a fast growing catch crop, popular with livestock farmers. They may be sown after first cut silage for summer grazing or after winter cereals for autumn usage. When planting a large acreage it is advisable to stagger sowing dates, increasing the seed rate in dry conditions. Stubble turnips should be sown approx 12-14 weeks before they are to be utilised. If using for dairy cow grazing it is important to take into consideration the distance between the field and the milking parlour. Strip grazing is advisable if possible to limit wastage.

Samson, Stubble Turnip

Samson can produce huge tankard shaped purple roots and trials have consistently shown high intake and weight gain.


  • Palatable to both sheep and cattle
  • Available treated with Thiram and Sepiret 
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): AB13 
  • Sowing rate: 2kg/acre (drilled) or 3kg/acre (broadcast)


Appin, Turnip

 A high yielding, leafy, turnip variety that averages 80% top growth and 20% root. Suitable for both sheep and cattle.

  • High Leafy growth habitat
  • Suitable for multi grazing
  • Good dry matter levels 
  • Sowing  rate: 2kg. Packsize: 5Kg

Avalon, Stubble Turnip

  • AVALON is a very late flowering product which has a very high dry matter yield and is the best on the Dutch variety list and has excellent resistance to Alternaria
  • Leafy turnips come into production early, due to their very early vigour
  • They can sown in either the spring or autumn
  • As a cover crop they are an interesting alternative due to their winter hardiness, notably when sown late
  • As a forage crop, leafy turnips can be grazed 4-6 weeks after sowing
  • Sowing rate 3kg per acre Pack Size: 10kg and 25kg untreated

Barkant, Stubble Turnip

  • A traditional high yielding, versatile stubble turnip with early maturity
  • Higher proportion of leaf compared to other turnips
  • Tankard shaped bulb, two thirds show above ground
  • Can be used for summer forage or autumn/early winter feed - good winter hardy
  • Sowing rate 3kg per acre 
  • Pack size: 10 and 25kg untreated

Delilah, Stubble Turnip

Delilah Stubble Turnip produces white tankard shaped bulbs with great dry matter yields. Ideal for fattening lambs and flushing ewes.

  • Excellent dry matter yield
  • Mildew restistant
  • Offers summer strip grazing or can sown into cereal stubble to provide autumn or winter keep
  • Sowing rate: 2kg/acre. Packsize: 5kg
  • New stock available from July

Massif, Stubble Turnip

Massif Stubble Turnip is a traditional yellow fleshed turnip. Huge yields from a short growing period. 

  • Can be sown from May to August 
  • Good replacement for swedes
  • Available with seed treatment
  • Packsize 1kg 

Rondo, Stubble Turnip

Rondo Stubble Turnip green skinned root with excellent anchorage which helps reduce wastage in the field, Rondo is also suitable for sheep or cattle.

  • Leafy growth habitat
  • Disease resistance
  • Utilized from September to early February
  • Sowing  rate 2kg/acre (drilled) or 3kg/acre (broadcast). Packsize 5Kg 

Skyfall (Hybrid Brassica), Stubble Turnip

Skyfall (Hybrid Brassica) has a very fast growth and leafy, high protein forage. Can be sown later to allow it to be grazed in the autumn or winter months. 

  • Regrowth potential
  • Possibility to produce extra feed
  • Available with seed treatment 
  • Sowing rate 2kg/acre
  • Packsize 2kg (Treated) & 5Kg (Untreated)

Tyfon, Stubble Turnip

  • A leafy, fast growing cross between Chinese Cabbage and Stubble Turnip
  • Producing 50 to 80 tonnes per hectare
  • High frost resistance and can be utilised within eight to ten weeks after sowing 
  • There is potential for regrowth
  • Non-bulbing leafy type
  • Sowing rate 3kg per acre
  • Pack Size: 5kg Start-uP + Sepiret treated

Vollenda, Stubble Turnip

  • A large leafed, highly digestible variety 
  • Good early vigour and good disease resistance
  • It retails its palatability throughout the season
  • Noted for its yield, speed of growth and bolting resistance
  • Tetraploid variety, Bulbing type root
  • Sowing rate 3kg per acre
  • Pack Size: 10kg and 25kg untreated

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