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Forage Crop Mixtures

A range of mixtures that are suitable for Spring and Autumn sowing, especially useful when any spring sown crops have failed. Can be grazed September - February period.

Autumn Multi-graze

A high feed value, winter hardy mixture that can be ready for use in eight to ten weeks. 
  • Winter hardy
  • Suitable for both sheep and cattle
  • Sow mid May/June  
  • Contains: 1.25kg Swift Utility Brassica, 0.1kg Kale and 0.90kg Appin Turnip
  • Pack size: 2.25kg untreated. Sowing: rate 2.25kg/acre 

Late Sown Winter Feed

Designed for late sowing to supplement forage during the winter months.
  • Extremely winter hardy
  • Suitable for both sheep and cattle
  • Sow mid July/August
  • Contains: 0.75kg Swift Utility Brassica, 0.75kg Redstart Utility Brassica, 0.65kg Turnip and 0.1kg Kale
  • Pack size: 2.25kg untreated. Sowing: rate 2.5kg/acre 

Rapid Root Forage Mixture

The Forage Rape element of this mixture ensures fast establishment. Stubble Turnips will provide energy and increase stock holding capacity.

  • Ideal for fattening stock and will provide grazing from July to December
  • Sow mid April - mid September
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): AB13
  • 60% Forage Rape, 35% Stubble Turnip, 5% Kale 
  • Pack size 5kg untreated 
  • Sowing rate 2.5kg per acre 


Sparta Forage Rape

Sparta Forage Rape has a high protein content and high dry matter yield. Late flowering variety that will perform well whether sown for summer, autumn or winter use. 
  • Good winter hardiness
  • Clubroot tolerant
  • Sowing rate: 2.5kg per acre. Pack Size: 10kg and 25kg

Summer Multi-graze

A blend of fast growing razing turnips and forage rape. This mixture can be utilised within just eight weeks. 
  • A mixture of highly palatable varieties.
  • Suitable for both sheep and cattle
  • Sow mid April/October 
  • Contains: 0.5kg Grazing Turnip, 1kg Swift Utility Brassica, 0.9kg Forage Rape and 0.1kg Kale
  • Pack size: 2.5kg untreated. Sowing: rate 2.5kg/acre 

Winter Feed Mix

A very winter hardy, high yielding, mixture. For best results sow from April to June and feed in late November. 
  • Extremely winter hardy
  • Suitable for both sheep and cattle
  • Sow mid April/June  
  • Contains: 1kg Kale and 1kg Swift Utility Brassica
  • Pack size: 2kg untreated. Sowing: rate 2kg/acre 

Zoom Brassica Mixture

Zoom Brassica Seed Mixture is a blend of Winfred Hybrid Brassica and Forage Rape. A vigourous and quick growing seed mixture making it ideal for failed crops.


  • Provide cover for a whole season
  • Very vigorous and quick growing, ideal for replacing failed crops or patching
  • Good disease and bolting resistance
  • Blend of 50% Winfred Hybrid Brassica and 50% Napoleon Forage Rape
  • Sowing rate: 2.5kg per acre. Pack Size: 5kg

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