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Wild Bird Food Mixtures

Boston Seeds offer a wide range of different wild bird food mixtures. All of our bird seed mixtures are suitable for use all year round and unlike most bird seed sellers, we provide detailed breakdowns of each mixture to give you peace of mind that your garden birds will be getting everything they need. As natural food becomes in short supply, our bird food mixtures allows you to provide wild birds with a range of nutrients and keep their energy levels high no matter what the weather. 

You can buy our bird food mixtures online or call us on 0800 833 0169 to speak to a member of our team. 

Colonels Mixed Corn Bird Food

  • Our Mixed Corn Bird Food is suitable for Doves, Pigeons and Chickens, but could also be suitable for other poultry and game birds such as Pheasants
  • If you require egg production from your poultry, you would also have to supply a grit mix to the feed and layer pellets to help egg development 

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