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Wildflower Plants (H-P)

Wildflower Bulbs, Wildflower Seed Mixtures and Wildflower Plug Plants. Buy Online or Call 0800 883 0169 for Advice. Boston Seeds are wholesale online seed suppliers for Private Individuals, Businesses and Sports Clubs.

Delivery for plug plants is currently 3-5 working days. 


For more information please see our wildflower species chart or our guide to establishing a wildflower meadow.

Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata)

  • Biennial. Also known as Hedge Garlic and Jack-by-the-hedge. Hairless plant smelling of garlic when crushed. Leaves toothed and heart-shaped, long stalked. White flowers in a leafless cluster.
  • Flowers: April - July.
  • Requires: Damp deciduous woods and scrub, hedgerows. Moist-dry soils.
  • Height: 30-80cm.
  • Pre-order now for delivery in Spring 2020

Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia) Plant

  • Perennial. A well-loved wild flower also known as Scottish Bluebell.
  • Dainty blue 'bells' which attract bees
  • Recommended for the rockery.
  • Flowers: June - September
  • Requires: Sun and dry sandy soil
  • Height: 15-45cm
  • Pre-order now for delivery in Spring 2020

    Hawkbit, Autumn (Leontodon autumnalis) Plant

  • Perennial. Dandelion-like flowers and seed heads, a good showy meadow subject.
  • Seeds are magnets for Finches.
  • Flowers: August on.
  • Requires: Sun.
  • Height: 15cm

    Hawkbit, Rough (Leontodon hispidus) Plant

  • Perennial. A meadow plant with yellow dandelion flowers.
  • Also known as Greater Hawkbit.
  • Seed heads form a clock which attracts birds.
  • Flowers: June on.
  • Requires: Sun and well-drained soil.
  • Height: 15-45cm

    Hawkweed, Spotted (Hieracium maculatum) Plant

  • Yellow flowers with attractive spotted leaves
  • Flowers: June onwards
  • Requires: Sun
  • Height: 45cm

    Hyssop, Anise (Agastache foeniculum) Plant

    An excellent plant for Bees and Butterflies. It has Anise scented leaves with mauve-violet soft flower spikes.
  • Flowers: June onwards
  • Requires: Sun
  • Height: 60cm

    Iris, Yellow-Flag (Iris pseudacorus) Plant

  • Perennial. Sword shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers, will stand in water.
  • Flowers: June-August.
  • Requires: Moist situations
  • Height: 90cm

    Knapweed, Common (Centaurea nigra) Plant

    • Perennial. Thistle-like purple flowers, looks good with ox-eye daisies, also known as Lesser Knapweed.
    • Flowers: June - September.
    • Requires: Sun and well-drained soil.
    • Height: 30-60cm

    Knapweed, Greater (Centaurea scabiosa) Plant

    • Perennial. A plant with purple flowers, looks good with scabious, ox-eye daisy and musk mallow
    • Flowers: June - September
    • Requires: Sun and well-drained soil
    • Height: 30-60cm

    Loosestrife, Purple (Lythrum salicaria) Plant

  • Perennial. A lovely plant with bright red/purple spikes
  • Good in a moist border or bog garden.
  • Flowers: June-Aug
  • Requires: Damp
  • Height: 60-120cm

    Mallow, Common (Malva sylvestris) Plant

    • Perennial. Very showy, tough plant with a profusion of pink/purple flowers.
    • Flowers: May - September
    • Requires: Well drained soils, footpaths, waste ground
    • Height: 30 - 90 cms 

    Mallow, Musk (Malva moschata) Plant

  • Perennial. Pale Pink form of Musk mallow.
  • Much admired in our own garden.
  • Flowers: July-Aug.
  • Requires: Sun
  • Height: 30 – 90 cm

    Marigold, Marsh (Caltha palustris) Plant

    • Perennial. Hairless plant, leaves broad, shiny and heart shaped with long stalks. Flowers bright shiny yellow, to 5cm across.
    • Flowers: March - August.
    • Requires: Wet meadows or wet woodlands, stream sides, wet/damp soils.
    • Height: 25 - 50 cm 

    Marjoram, Wild (Origanum vulgare) Plant

  • Perennial. Aromatic perennial with masses dark purple buds turning to paler flowers, a good butterfly plant.
  • Flowers: July-Sept.
  • Requires: Sun and well-drained soil.
  • Height: 30-60cm

    Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) Plant

    • Perennial. A lovely plant for the bog or moist garden.
    • Foamy clusters of small, sweetly fragrant, cream flowers.
    • Flowers: June-Sept.
    • Requires: Sun and damp soil.
    • Height: Up to 2m tall

    Mignonette, Wild (Reseda lutea) Plant

    • Mignonette - French for little darling.
    • Hairless plant, wavy leaves and yellow/greenish flowers.
    • Flowers: May-October
    • Requires: Sun. Waste ground and field margins.
    • Height: 25 -60 cm 
      Pre-order now for delivery in Spring 2020

    Mint, Water (Mentha aquatica) Plant

    • Perennial. Aromatic plant with minty smell. Purple stems with dense flower clusters at the end of each stem.
    • Flowers: July to October
    • Requires: Wet meadows, wet woodlands, marshes, river banks. Usually on calcareous soils. 
    • Height: 60-80cm

    Mullein, Dark (Verbascum nigrum) Plant

  • Perennial. A lovely plant - much admired in our garden.
  • A rosette of leaves throws up a spike of rich yellow flowers with orange anthers, grow in herbaceous border.
  • Flowers: June - September.
  • Requires: Sun and well-drained soil.
  • Height: 15 – 45cm.

    Mullein, Great (Verbascum thapsus) Plant

    • Biennial. Very tall, covered in white, woolly hairs. Long leaves, pale-yellow flowers on short stalks, grouped together on a dense spike.
    • Flowers: July - September
    • Requires: Woodland margins, clearings, disturbed weedy areas. Prefers dry soil.
    • Height: 1m - 1.8m

    Mullein, Moth (Verbascum blattaria) Plant

    • A biennial with pink or white flowers singly up the stalk. Fine in a border. Preferring a sunny position in poor soil.
    • Flowers: June onwards
    • Requires: Sun
    • Height: 60-100cm


    Plantain, Hoary (Plantago media) Plant

    • A grass-like perennial with a 5cm spike of small vanilla scented pinkish-purple flowers.
    • Good reliable meadow subject.
    • Flowers: June-August.
    • Requires: Sun and well-drained soil.
    • Height: 30 cm.

    Plantain, Ribwort (Plantago lanceolata) Plant

  • Grass-like perennial with spikes of blackish-brown flowers with yellow anthers. Common meadow component.
  • Flowers: April - September.
  • Requires: Prefers a sunny position.
  • Height: 60-90cm.

    Poppy, Common (Papaver rhoeas) Plants

  • Annual. The red poppy that is seen in fields everywhere.One of our most popular wildflowers. Synonymous with the 1914-18 Great War.
  • Flowers: May - July
  • Requires: Sun.
  • Height: 30-60cm
  • Pre-order now for delivery in April 2020

    Primrose, Wild (Primula vulgaris) Plant

    • A native perennial common throughout the British Isles.
    • Grows in woods, hedgebanks and grassy places.
    • Flowers: February - May
    • Height: 20-30 cm. 
    • The name comes from prima rosa - first rose.

    Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis Arvensis) Plant

  • Annual. A low growing plant with bright red (although sometimes pink) 5 petalled flowers. Often found in sand dunes, arable and open land and roadside verges.
  • Flowers: June onwards
  • Requires: Sun
  • Height: upto 30cm
  • Pre-order now for delivery in April 2020

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