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Weed Killer

Boston Seeds offer a range of weed killer and herbicide products that can be used to control weeds in different situations. Buy online weedkiller for horse paddocks, tough weedkiller for woody weeds, glyphosate weedkiller such as Roundup and selective weedkiller for weeds in lawns. There are two main types of weedkiller;

Total Weed Killer:

Total weedkiller is used to kill all vegetation and mostly contains an ingredient called glyphosate. Glyphosate weedkiller breaks down quickly in the soil making it possible to re-seed or plant two weeks following the treatment. Total weedkiller can be used to kill weeds and grass in gravel paths, paved areas and patios. Total weedkiller can also be used to clear vegetation around tree bases which makes mowing easier and allows more water and nutrients to go to the tree. 

Selective Weed Killer:

Selective weedkiller is used to control weeds in existing grass without harming the grass. We offer selective weedkiller for horse paddock which will give control of tough weeds such as docks, thistles and ragwort. Selective weedkiller is also available for use on amenity turf and lawns for the control of weeds such as daisies, clover and dandelions. 

Call 01205 280069 for advice and sales, or email info@bostonseeds.co.uk 

Weed Killer (All)Weed Killer (All)

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