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Oil Radish

An important cover crop in arable crop rotation due to it's ability to reduce beet cyst nematode populations in the soil. Oil Radish also provides organic matter, breaks soil compaction with deep penetrative roots and retain nutrients within the soil to reduce nitrogen leaching . We welcome enquiries for bespoke mixtures and have expert staff on hand to offer advice. Feel free to call 01205 280069 or email info@bostonseeds.co.uk 


For more information on cover crops and the EnviroSeeds range view our brochure.

DAIKON Deep Root Radish Seed (Raphanus sativus)

DAIKON is a deep rooted tillage radish variety which creates a broad canopy to suppress weeds and improves soil structure with a large tap root. 

  • Large tap root breaks through soil pans and adds biomass to soil
  • Tap root grows up to 35cm long and 2-5cm in width
  • Broad canopy covers soil surface well to suppress weeds
  • Sowing period: July until end of August
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha (sow at 15kg / ha for maximum root development)

PINA Oil Radish Seed (Class 2 Nematode Resistant) (Raphanus sativus)

PINA Oil (Fodder) Radish is one of the most popular green cover crops due to its deep root structure and ability to control soil borne pests. 

  • Class 2 reduces up to 90% of Beet Cyst Nematode populations in soil 
  • Fast and easy to establish producing high yields - suitable for later sowing
  • Deep penetrative roots which break up compaction and improve soil structure
  • Efficient ground cover to suppress weeds 
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha

RESPECT Oil Radish Seed (Class 1 Nematode Resistant) (Raphanus sativus)

RESPECT oil radish is certified class 1 resistant to beet cyst nematodes Heterodera schachtti and Heterodera betae and can reduce soil populations by over 90%.

  • Class 1 reduces upwards of 90% of beet cyst nematode in testing
  • Rapid initial development produces fast ground cover to suppress weeds
  • Very late maturing for a longer growth cycle and higher yields
  • Deep root structure protects from soil erosion and nitrogen leaching
  • Sowing rate: 20kg / ha

ROMESA Fodder Radish Seed (Raphanus sativus)

Fodder Radish is a quick growing cover crop which scavenges nitrogen, produces large amount of organic matter and improves soil structure.

  • Quick growing, produces high organic matter in short periods
  • Suppresses weeds and deep roots benefit soil structure
  • Ideal as a green manure crop sown in early autumn
  • Effective as a standalone green cover or in mixtures
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha

TERRANOVA Deep Root Radish Seed (Class 2 Nematode Resistant) (Raphanus sativus)

TERRANOVA has class 2 resistance to beet cyst nematodes and is also resistant to club root nematodes and non-host to a wide range of other nematodes.


  • Reduces beet cyst nematode populations in the soil by up to 90%
  • Wide profile of resistance against (and non-host to) other nematodes
  • Tap root grows up to 35cm long and 2-5cm in width
  • Sowing period: July until end of August
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha (sow at 25kg / ha for maximum nematode control)

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