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Granular Paddock Fertiliser

Fertiliser for horse paddocks. Our Granular Paddock Fertilisers provide the grass plant with the nutrients it needs to keep your paddock healthy, green and hard wearing.

For more information on Granular Fertilisers read our guide to granular fertiliser.

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BS Spring Paddock Fertiliser 12.6.6

BS Spring Paddock Fertiliser is a high quality fertiliser specifically designed for the unique nutritional requirements of horse and pony pastures.


  • Encourages strong growth to provide grazing or a hay cut if required
  • Can be applied during the spring and summer
  • An effective fertiliser regime is essential to maintain a healthy and dense sward
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 12.6.6
  • Recommended coverage is 20kg per 575sq/m (approx. 6-7 bags per acre)

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