Energy Crops

As the world becomes a more envorinmentally conscious place, biomass and eco-friendly fuels are fast becoming a popular choice. Energy crops are a low-cost and low-maintenance crop specifically designed to produce green fuels for energy production - whether that be as a solid, liguid or gas. Energy crops can also be used to help manage waste naturally as well as aid in crop rotation.

Here at Boston Seeds we supply a whole range of energy crop seeds - from AD grass seed mixtures which are specifically developed for anerobic digestion for maximum biogas production, to energy beet which produce consistantly high dry matter yields and offer strong agronomic advantages - a firm favourite in the German energy crop sector and fast becoming a big deal here in the UK biomass market, too.


We can provide farmers with a range of options to achieve optimum energy yields whilst supporting the performance of other crops in rotation.


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Custom mixtures are also available upon request.