Rotary Spreaders

Make sowing grass seed or spreading fertiliser much easier and quicker than sowing by hand by using a rotary spreader. Using a seed spreader also ensures that you can create an even spread of grass seed or fertiliser, making sure you have a luscious green lawn without unsightly patchy areas.


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BS Handheld Spreader BS125

This user-friendly hand-held broadcast is useful for spreading wildflower seeds or for general use in small gardens etc.

  • Not suitable for fertiliser
  • Can be used for grass seed and wildflower seed
  • Flow control
  • Capacity: 1kg Seed
  • Spreading pattern: 1.5 - 2 metres
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BS Seed and Fertiliser Rotary Spreader

Perfect for quick and easy applications of seed and fertiliser on lawns, paddocks and orchards. Variable rate settings.

  • Easy assembly, no tools required, ready to use in minutes 
  • Wide spread for quicker applications
  • Capacity: 8kg seed / 15kg fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: 1.5 - 3 metres
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BS Seed & Fertiliser Spreader BS- 31503

Professional model for accurate application to large areas and regular use. Popular with landscapers and sports clubs.

  • Round hopper with removable grid, flow control with metal rods
  • Heavy duty frame and pneumatic tyres, fully enclosed gears
  • Capacity: 10kg seed / 25kg fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: 2 - 3 metres

Rotary spreaders are also called broadcast spreaders because of how they ‘broadcast’ or spread seed in a fanlike manner with a spread width of up to 3 metres. They don’t have the same level of accuracy as a drop spreader but they are quicker so you can get full coverage over a large area in only a few passes. Rotary broadcast spreaders are especially ideal for large gardens and grassland areas. 


As well as handheld rotary spreaders, we have tow behind seed spreaders for a range of lawn sizes. Options like the BS 31505 Seed and Fertiliser Spreader are great for professional use over large areas and offer excellent value for money. To make it even easier, use our grass seed calculator to ensure you order the right amount of grass seed.


We also have helpful guides on which fertiliser to use and the best grass seed for your lawns needs.