Towable Spreaders

Towable grass seed spreaders offer the ultimate convenience when spreading grass seed and fertiliser over large areas. The majority of our towable grass seed spreaders are rotary spreaders, which are also known as broadcast spreaders. 

They spread grass seed, or fertiliser pellets, in a fanlike manner to cover a huge space in no time at all. Tow behind spreaders broadcast grass seed or fertiliser incredibly quickly, with a spread of up to 3.5m. The BS easy spreader is a towable drop spreader, which offers more accuracy and is more convenient for smaller spaces.

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As well as tow-behind models which can be pulled behind by hand, like the BS 4500 spreader, we have heavy-duty broadcast spreaders like the BS 6000. This model can be attached to ride-ons and quad bikes.


For smaller areas, we do also offer handheld spreaders that can be used to spread grass seed, fertiliser pellets and wildflower seeds. These are incredibly useful in small gardens and don’t require much storage space. 

We have helpful guides to find the right grass seed for your lawn and the best fertiliser to help your garden thrive.