Picture the scene... you've spent many an hour perfectly manicuring your lawn and flower beds, and up pops an unwelcomed thorny-looking beast to ruin the show. Weeds can put a real downer on things when it comes to gardening - but that doesn't mean there isn't a quick and easy solution. 

Using a weedkiller to back up your efforts is a great way to maintain your garden and lawn or even help you start afresh if you fancy something new. Here at Boston Seeds we stock a comprehensive range of quality weedkillers and herbicides that can be used for weed control in a variety of situations.


From selective weedkiller for lawns which are specially formulated to target weeds without harming grass, to total weedkiller which will put an end to any unwanted growth whether it be grass, weeds or flowers - the perfect choice for preparing new areas ready for grass seed sowing or clearing paths and patios. 


Have a stubborn tree stump you'd like to get rid of? No worries! We also stock Roundup Tree Stump Weedkiller which is designed to specifically target and effectively kill tree stumps and other tough, woody plants.


What ever your weedkiller needs are, we're confident we've got you covered. All our weedkiller products are available with next day nationwide delivery too, helping you get the job done even quicker!