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Wildflower Species Guide

        Light Moisture Soil Type
  Colour Height Flower Sun Shade Dry Damp Wet Sandy Loams Clay
Agrimony, Common Yellow 30-60cm July-September          
Agrimony, Fragrant Yellow 1.5m June-September          
Archangel, Yellow Yellow 25-50cm April-August
Avens, Wood Yellow 30-60cm June onwards    
Barley Grass Grey/ Green 45cm June-July      
Bedstraw, Heath White 15-39cm June-August        
Bedstraw, Hedge White 30-60cm July-August        
Bedstraw, Lady's Yellow 15-30cm July onwards        
Bellflower, Clustered Violet-blue 40-50cm June-September    
Bellflower, Nettle-Leaved White 1m July-September    
Betony Red/Purple 30cm June onwards    
Birdsfoot, Greater Yellow 30cm June-August      
Black Medick Yellow 40-50cm May-October        
Borage Blue 30-60cm June onwards    
Burnet, Great Red/Purple 45-90cm June-September    
Burnet, Salad Purple 30cm May-August    
Buttercup, Bulbous Yellow 30-45cm March-June        
Buttercup, Corn Yellow 25-50cm April-July        
Buttercup, Creeping Yellow 30-60cm May-August        
Buttercup, Meadow Yellow 30-90cm May onwards        
Campion, Bladder Purple 22-40cm June-August  
Campion, Red Red 30-60cm April onwards  
Campion, Sea White 15cm June-August  
Campion, White White 15cm May onwards  
Carrot, Wild White 30-40cm June onwards          
Cat’s- Ear, Common Yellow 30-45cm May-September        
Catchfly, Night-Flowering Pink 20-40cm June-September          
Chamomile, Corn White 30cm May-July      
Clary, Wild Blue 60-100cm June-September          
Clover, Haresfoot Pink 20-30cm June-September          
Clover, Suckling Yellow 10-20cm May-September          
Clover, Wild Red Pink 10-45cm May onwards          
Columbine Blue 60cm June-July      
Corn Cockle Purple 60-120cm June-August        
Cornflower Blue 30-60cm June-August    
Cow Parsley White 60-90cm April-June      
Cowslip Yellow 30cm April-May    
Daisy White 4-6cm All Year      
Daisy, Ox-eye White 30-60cm May onwards      
Dandelion Yellow 12-14" April-May
Dropwort Cream 60-90cm May-August          
Evening Primrose Yellow 1m June-October        
Figwort Greenish/Brown 60-1000cm June-September
Fleabane, Common Yellow 30-60cm July-September        
Forget-me-not Blue 40cm May-July      
Foxglove All Colours 1.5m June-August      
Goatsbeard Yellow 30-90cm June onwards          
Gypsywort White 50-1000cm July-September      
Hard Rush Grey 60-100cm May-July      
Harebell Blue 15-45cm July onwards        
Hawkbit, Autumn Yellow 15cm August onwards          
Hawkbit, Rough Yellow 15-45cm June onwards          
Hedge Parsley, Upright Grey/ Green 45cm July-September        
Hogweed White 60-120cm June onwards          
Iris, Yellow-Flag Yellow 90cm June-August    
Knapweed, Common Purple 30-60cm June onwards        
Knapweed, Greater Purple 30-60cm July onwards        
Loose Silky-Bent Feathery Flower Heads 30-60cm June-July        
Loosestrife, Purple Purple 60-120cm June-August      
Mallow, Common Pink/Purple 30-90cm June onwards          
Mallow, Musk White 30-90cm July-August          
Marigold, Corn Yellow 15-45cm June onwards    
Marigold, Marsh Yellow 25-50cm March-August    
Marjoram, Wild Purple 30-60cm July-September        
Meadow Cranesbill Purple/Blue 1m June-August        
Meadowsweet Cream 2m June-September        
Mignonotte, Wild Yellow 15-30cm June onwards      
Mint, Water Purple 60-80cm July-October    
Mouse-Ear, Common White 25-50cm April-October          
Mullein, Dark Yellow/Orange 15-45cm June onwards    
Mullein, Great Yellow 1.8m July-September    
Mustard, Garlic White 30-80cm April-July    
Pansy, Field Purple/Blue 30cm June-August    
Parsnip, Wild Yellow 1.5m July-September
Pignut White 30-60cm May-June    
Plantain, Hoary Pink/Purple 30cm June-August    
Plantain, Ribwort Yellow 60-90cm April onwards    
Poppy, Common Red 30-60cm June onwards          
Poppy, Yellow Horned Yellow 50-100cm June-September          
Quaking Grass Green/Purple spikes 22-45cm June-August        
Ragged Robin Pink 30-60cm May-July      
Sage, Wood Greenish/Yellow 30cm July-September    
Sainfoin Purple 40cm July- September          
Saw-wort Violet/Red 1.5m July-September    
Saxifrage, Burnet White 50-100cm May-September        
Saxifrage, Greater Burnet White 60-100cm June-August        
Saxifrage, Pepper Yellow 60-100cm June-September        
Scabious, Devils Bit Violet/Blue 50-80cm June-September      
Scabious, Field Blue 30-90cm June onwards        
Scabious, Small Blue 60-70cm July-August        
Sedge, Common No Flowers 15-50cm May-September    
Sedge, Pendulous No Flowers 100-140cm May-June    
Self-Heal Purple/Violet 20cm June onwards    
Sneezewort White 25-50cm July-September    
Soapwort Pale Pink 50-70cm June-September      
Sorrel, Common Crimson 15-60cm May-August    
Sorrel, Sheeps Red/Pink 7-25cm May-August    
St John’s Wort, Square-Stemmed Yellow 30-60cm June-September    
St John’s-Wort, Hairy Yellow 60-100cm July-August    
St Johns Wort, Common Yellow 30-60cm July onwards    
Stitchwort, Lesser White 25-60cm May-August    
Strawberry, Wild White 20cm May-June          
Sweet Vernal-Grass Brown 30-60cm April-July  
Teasel Purple 60-200cm July-September        
Thyme, Wild Purple 10-20cm June-September    
Toadflax Yellow/Orange 30-60cm July onwards      
Trefoil, Birdsfoot Yellow/Orange 15-25cm May onwards      
Tufted Hair-Grass Silver/Purplish 30-120cm June-August    
Venus Looking Glass Violet 30-40cm June-August        
Vetch, Bush Dull Violet 50cm May-July      
Vetch, Common Purple/Pink 45cm June-September      
Vetch, Kidney Yellowish 7-15cm May onwards          
Vetch, Tufted Blue/Violet 60-120cm June-August      
Vetch, Wood Purple 70-100cm June-August      
Vetchling, Grass Pink/Purple 60-60cm May-July      
Vetchling, Meadow Yellow 50-100cm May-August      
Vipers Bugloss Blue 15-30cm June-September          
Wavy Hair-Grass Silver/Purplish 22-45cm June-July      
Weld Yellowish/Green 60-120cm June-September      
Woundwort, Hedge Purple 30-90cm June onwards      
Yarrow White 30-45cm June onwards    
Yellow Oat-Grass Yellow 20-75cm June-July
Yellow Rattle Yellow 20-50cm June-September  

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