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Pitches & Sports

We supply a wide range of grass seed mixtures for all types of sports played on a grass surface. Buy grass seed for sports pitches, including grass seed for football, grass seed for tennis and grass seed for cricket - using quality, recommended varieties and certified by DEFRA. If you are not sure what type of mixture is required please contact us on 01205 280069. We can supply the trade, local authorities and individual sports clubs with the mixture of your choice. All available with Next Day Delivery.

BS Renovator Grass Seed Mixture

Renovator is a very hard wearing sports grass seed mixture . A blend of three amenity perennial ryegrass provides fantastic performance for winter sports pitches.


  • Ideal for use on football pitches, golf tee boxes and hardwearing lawns
  • Varieties tested for wear resistance by the Sports Turf Research Institute
  • Easy to establish, rapid germination and perfect for re-seeding 
  • Contains: 100% amenity perennial ryegrass (blend of 3 varieties)
  • Sow at 50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400sq/m

BS Premier Sport Grass Seed

Top quality amenity perennial ryegrass varieties and slender creeping red fescue to give a dense, fine textured surface, with strong roots and drought tolerance.


  • For a special lawn or use on cricket squares, to create tennis courts and golf tees 
  • Combines a durable, dense sward and fine leaves for any quality close mown area
  • Mowing height: down to 10mm
  • Contains: 80% amenity perennial ryegrass (2 quality STRI recommended varieties) and 20% slender creeping red fescue
  • Sow at 50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400 sq/m

BS Premier Pitch Grass Seed

A premium mixture for use on winter sports pitches. Fast establishment and excellent wear tolerance makes this the best choice for football and rugby pitches.


  • STRI listed turfgrass cultivars to produce a top quality playing surface
  • Fast establishment and excellent regeneration from damage
  • Mowing height: down to 25mm
  • Contains: 80% amenity perennial ryegrass, 20% smooth-stalked meadow grass
  • Sow at 50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400 sq/m

BS Premier Pitch Renovator Grass Seed

    A superior quality mixture suitable for repair and overseeding of football, hockey and rugby pitches, using only the best cultivars.


    • Unrivalled sward density and wear tolerance
    • Establishes very quickly and provides excellent colour and disease resistance
    • Mowing height: down to 25mm
    • Contains: 100% amenity perennial ryegrass (3 premium, STRI listed varieties)
    • Sow at 50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400sq/m

    BS Sports and Playing Fields Grass Seed

    This mixture produces a very hard wearing playing surface with high shoot density. Suitable for a range of summer and winter sports. 


    • Quick germination and rapid regeneration from damage
    • Deep root system provides good disease and drought tolerance
    • Mowing height: down to 25mm
    • Contains: 70% amenity perennial ryegrass (3 STRI listed varieties) and 30% strong creeping red fescue
    • Sow at 50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400 sq/m

    BS Wicket & Tennis Renovator

    A premium renovation mixture for summer sports surfaces. Utilises fine leaved perennial ryegrass species to give a high quality yet durable surface.


    • This mixture is designed for high standard cricket wicket and tennis courts
    • High shoot density and resistant to wear under close mowing
    • Mowing height: down to 5mm
    • Contains: 100% amenity perennial ryegrass (3 STRI listed varieties)
    • Sow at 50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400sq/m

    BS Polo & Gallops Grass Seed

    This mixture is ideal for new courses and end of season renovation. Quality cultivars combine strong appearance with high performance and wear tolerance.


    • Produces a high performance, hard wearing sward
    • Deep roots improve long term wear tolerance and recovery
    • Should be mown at 75-100mm
    • Contains: 40% diploid amenity perennial ryegrass, 40% tetraploid amenity perennial ryegrass and 20% smooth-stalked meadowgrass 
    • Sow at 35-50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400-575sq/m

    BS Soccer Pitch Renovation

    • Client - Boston United FC
    • Location - Boston, Lincolnshire
    • Mixture name - Renovator
    • Renovator is an excellent end of season repair mixture for overseeding soccer pitches. Groundsman, Nobby Croston, visited Wembley Stadium to collect his trophy for coming third in the National Non-League Best Playing Surface.
    • Sowing Rate - 100kg /acre

    BS Pre-seeding Lawn Fertiliser 6.9.6

    Specially formulated to improve the establishment of grass seed and turf. Encourages root and shoot development to promote quicker grass coverage.

    • Incorporate into the seed bed during final preparation
    • Higher phosphate levels for quicker and stronger root structure
    • Nutrient release over a 4-6 week period to encourage speedy development
    • Contains NPK at a ratio of 6.9.6
    • Recommended coverage is 20kg per 400sq/m. Apply at 50 grams per sq/m

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