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Buy lawn and paddock fertiliser in bulk at trade prices. A range of popular fertiliser mixtures, available to buy by the pallet at discounted prices.  Ideal for landscapers, local authorities and farmers. Mixtures include pre-seeding fertiliser, weed and feed, horse paddock, slow release and many more.

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Lawn & Sportsfield Fertiliser - Spring & Summer 11.5.5

Apply Spring and Summer Lawn fertiliser to give your grass all the nutrients for healthy growth and a great appearance.

  • Higher nitrogen content to encourage leaf and shoot growth
  • Nutrient release over a 6-8 week period
  • Can be applied from March to August
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 11.5.5
  • Recommended coverage is 20kg per 575sq/m. Apply at 35 grams per sq/m
Lawn & Sportsfield Fertiliser - Autumn & Winter 6.5.10 + Fe + Mg

Autumn and Winter Fertiliser is specially formulated to provide nutrients throughout the winter period

  • Iron and magnesium help protect against turf diseases
  • Iron will give the grass a deep green colour
  • Nutrient release over a 6-8 week period, apply from Sept - Nov
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 6.5.10 + 2%Fe + 1% Mg
  • Recommended coverage: 20kg per 400sqm. Apply at 50g/sqm
Paddock Fertiliser - Spring 12.6.6

Spring Paddock Fertiliser is a high quality fertiliser designed for the unique nutritional requirements of horse and pony pastures. 

  • Encourages strong growth to provide grazing and/or hay cut
  • Can be applied during the spring and summer
  • An effective fertiliser regime is essential to maintain a healthy and dense sward
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 12.6.6
  • Recommended coverage: 20kg per 575sqm (approx 7 bags per acre)