All Game Cover Seed Crops

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All Season Game Cover Maize Blend

A blend of three varieties of maize with different maturity dates to provide effective cover and feed for the duration of the season.

  • A blend of early, intermediate and late varieties.
  • Varieties selected for good early vigour and standing ability.
  • Treated with Redigo M (or equivalent Fungicide) and Korit (bird repellent).
  • Sowing rate: 45,000 seeds per acre. Packsize: 1 acre (45,000 seeds).
Traditional Game Cover Mix
3-5 Day Delivery
Traditional Game Cover Mix

The Traditional Game Cover Mixture combines a broad range of species which will give a full season of cover and a supply of food.

  • A tried and tested mixture of species that provide feed and cover
  • Sunflowers provide an attractive splash of colour
  • Differing seed sizes mean it is best to broadcast rather than drilled
  • Game Maize (treated), White Millet, Red Millet, Buckwheat, Sorghum, Kale, Sunflower, White Mustard, Forage Rape, Gold of Pleasure, Phacelia
  • Sowing Rate: 10kg per acre. Packsize: 10kg
White Millet Seed

White millet is a popular choice as it provides cover and a source of food. Particularly attractive to English and French partridges.

  • Produces a plentiful supply of small seeds for birds
  • Often sown in conjunction with maize or kale
  • It is vigorous and will grow to a height of up to 90cm
  • Thicker leaved and higher seed production than red millet
  • Sowing rate: 5kg acre.
HiBird Game Cover Maize Blend
7-10 Day Delivery
HiBird Game Cover Maize Blend

HiBird Maize blend is a mixture of early, intermediate and late varieties.

  • Provides a great food source.
  • Good early vigour and standing power.
  • Treated with Fungicide and Korit Bird Repellent.
  • Spreads timings of cob ripeness.
  • Sowing rate: 50,000 seeds per acre. Packsize: 1 acre (50,000 seeds).
Thousand Head Kale Seed
3-5 Day Delivery
Thousand Head Kale Seed

Thousand Head Kale is a popular, tried and tested variety with good standing ability and winter hardiness.

  • Thousand Head is a slender stemmed variety bearing leafy foliage. 
  • Excellent winter hardiness providing forage for feeding after Christmas. 
  • Can supply approximately 90 tonnes/ha of green forage matter.
  • Sowing rate: 2kg per acre.
Red Millet Seed

Red Millet is best sown alongside other crops to provide a source of food which will help to keep birds in the covers. 

  • Will produce a plentiful supply of small seeds for birds
  • Often sown in conjunction with maize or kale
  • Red millet is earlier maturing than white millet
  • Susceptible to frost
  • Sowing rate: 5kg acre.
3-5 Day Delivery
Japanese Reed Millet Seed

Japanese Reed Millet is a stronger and hardier member of the millet family when compared to Red and White Millet.

  • Stronger plant than others of the millet family
  • Improved winter hardiness
  • Mix with white millet to provide an excellent cover and feed crop
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre.
3-5 Day Delivery
Ambush Millet Mix

A mix of white, red and Japanese reed millet. The white millet provides a source of food  whilst the Japanese reed millet provides cover.

  • The strong reed millet plant provides long season cover for flushing
  • White and red millet provides feed to hold birds in the cover
  • Winter hardy allowing it to be used through the shooting season
  • 40% White Millet, 40% Red Millet, 20% Japanese Reed Millet
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre. Pack Size: 10kg
Oil Radish Seed (Raphanus sativus)

Fodder Radish is a quick growing cover crop which scavenges nitrogen, produces large amount of organic matter and improves soil structure.

  • Quick growing, produces high organic matter in short periods
  • Suppresses weeds and deep roots benefit soil structure
  • Ideal as a green manure crop sown in early autumn
  • Effective as a standalone green cover or in mixtures
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha
VITTASSO Brown Mustard Seed (Brassica juncea)

Very popular for use in potato rotations to control soil borne pests and can be incorporated into moist soil to maximise biofumigation.

  • Green manure crop with biofumigant properties
  • Winter-hardy, easy to establish, cost effective
  • Reduces wireworm and PCN populations and their effect on potatoes
  • Suppresses Verticillium wilt and Sclerotinia in potato production
  • Sowing Rate: 5kg / ha
  • VITTASSO Brown Mustard Brochure
Ethiopian Mustard (Brassica carinata)
2-3 Day Delivery
Ethiopian Mustard (Brassica carinata)

Ethiopian mustard is a fast growing frost hardy, brassica which produces a dense leafy canopy and acts as an excellent weed suppressor.

  • Produces a dense leafy canopy to supress weeds
  • Fast and easy to establish providing rapid ground cover
  • Frost hardy cover crop ideal for use in later sowings
  • Can tollerate and improve poor soil conditions 
  • Sowing rate: 5kg / ha
3-5 Day Delivery
Quinoa Seed

Quinoa will provide cover and a plentiful supply of seed making it a popular crop for holding partridges, pheasants and attracting seed eating song birds.

  • Produces a number of seeds to provide a valuable source of food
  • Also attractive to many species of seed-eating song birds
  • Often grown with kale as it begins to collapse with first frosts
  • Available ready blended with Kale, see Overdrive Seed Mixture
  • Sowing rate: 2kg per acre. Pack size: 2 kg
Bombardier Kale Seed
3-5 Day Delivery
Bombardier Kale Seed

A new variety with the potential to deliver high dry matter yields making it and ideal choice for dairy, beef or lamb producers.

  • A taller stemmed variety with excellent resistance to lodging.
  • High leaf to stem ratio.
  • Available untreated or treated with Start-uP & Sepiret.
  • Sowing rate: 2kg per acre.
Boost Late Game Cover Mixture
3-5 Day Delivery
Boost Late Game Cover Mixture

Fast-growing, quick to establish, and frost hardy. Ideal to sow in late summer or early autumn to provide cover that will last all winter.

  • Rapid growing catch crop
  • Excellent as a "rescue" mixture for patching failed crops
  • Ideal for when a late sown cover crop is required
  • Includes: Texsel Greens, Hybrid Brassica, Fodder Radish, Brown Mustard
  • Sowing rate: 2.5 -4 kg per acre. Pack size: 10kg
3-5 Day Delivery
Broadshot Cover Mixture

Broadshot is a mixture of selected species that contribute to feed and cover. 

  • An excellent mixture where both cover and feed are required
  • Can be left to regenerate for a second year
  • Facilitates economical weed control 
  • Contains: Buckwheat, Goldeneye Kale, Phacelia, White Millet, Forage Rape, Red Millet, Japanese Reed Millet, Quinoa, Yellow Blossom Clover
  • Sowing rate: 6kg per acre. Pack size: 10kg. 
Buckwheat Seed (Fagopyrum esculentum)

Buckwheat is a fast-growing annual crop, with a dense canopy for excellent weed suppression. Buckwheat scavenges phosphates, helping to reduce leaching. 

  • Rapid establishment and growth make it an ideal short-season crop
  • A dense canopy works efficiently as an excellent weed suppressant
  • Nectar-rich, helping boost pollinators and other beneficial insects
  • Scavenges phosphates from the soil for future crops
  • Sowing rate: 50kg / ha
3-5 Day Delivery
Caledonian Kale Seed

Caledonian Kale is the first variety to be bred with resistance to club root. A taller variety which gives easier access for birds underneath the leaf canopy. 

  • Taller variety to allow birds to move freely under the leaf canopy.
  • Club root resistant, can be sown on sites suffering from brassica sickness.
  • Available untreated or treated with Start-up & Sepiret.
  • Specifically bred for UK conditions. High germination and early vigour.
  • Sowing rate: 2kg per acre.
Canary Grass - Aquatica
3-5 Day Delivery
Canary Grass - Aquatica

Canary Grass (Phalaris aquatica) gives excellent long term nesting cover for partridges and pheasants.

  • A perennial species which can last for 10 years.
  • Perfect for poor quality sites where annual sowing is difficult or impractical.
  • Can grow to 60cm in first year and over 150cm in following years.
  • Requires sowing in wide rows to prevent it from becoming to thick
  • Sowing rate: 2.5 kg/acre Pack Size: 2.5kg.
3-5 Day Delivery
Carbon Kale and Mustard Hybrid Seed

New and unique game cover crop which combines the excellent cover of kale with the easy and rapid establishment of mustard. 

  • Produces amazing cover in a short period of time
  • Excellent frost tolerant cover by November
  • Can be used for new sowing or for patching failed crops
  • Best sown in June or July.
  • Sowing rate: 2kg per acre. Pack size: 2kg
3-5 Day Delivery
Cocker Game Cover Mixture

Cocker will provide a full season of cover as well as an excellent supply of seeds to keep the birds close to the covers.

  • Suitable for Environmental Stewardship Schemes.
  • Full season cover for up to two years.
  • Butisan herbicide tolerant.
  • Contains; Kale, Mustard, Fodder Radish and Linseed.
  • Sowing rate: 16kg per hectare. Pack size: 8kg. 
3-5 Day Delivery
Dwarf Hybrid Sorghum Seed

Short stemmed, sturdy, broad-leaved and has a substantial seed head. Its shorter growing habit is ideal for exposed sites.

  • Average height 1 - 1.25m.
  • Very good standing power due to short growth habit.
  • Ideal cover providing a warm holding area for birds.
  • Sowing rate 12kg per acre.
Dwarf Sunflower Seed
7-10 Day Delivery
Dwarf Sunflower Seed

Dwarf sunflowers are a shorter stemmed hybrid variety which provide better standing ability over conventional varieties.

  • A stiff stemmed, shorter hybrid variety
  • An effective feed crop for shoots in the southern half of the UK
  • May require 'swiping' down to allow game birds to access the seeds
  • Frequently sown as part of a game mix or with kale
  • Sowing rate: 5kg acre. Pack size: 5kg
Forage Rye Seed (Secale cereale)

This fastest growing rye, POWERGREEN is a high yielding variety which can grow at the lower temperatures, making it ideal for late sowing or early harvests.

  • Fast initial development, high tillering and high output
  • Good growth in cold conditions, excellent winter hardiness
  • High nitrogen uptake throughout autumn
  • Sow in autumn for incorporation and use in the spring
  • Sowing rate: 150kg / ha

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3-5 Day Delivery
Giant Sorghum Seed

Giant Sorghum is a cross between Sorghum and Sudan Grass Hybrid. It can grow over two metres tall providing excellent cover.

  • Produces warm and dense cover that can grow 2-3 metres tall.
  • Deep roots help it to withstand drought conditions
  • Works well as a windbreak protect more vulnerable crops
  • Sorghum is useful for flushing as it encourages the birds to lift above the cover
  • Sowing rate: 12kg per acre.