Grass Seed Spreaders

We offer a variety of spreaders for grass seed and fertiliser for everything from paddocks to small gardens. Spreaders help make spreading grass seed easier than ever - offering quick and even coverage with minimal work compared to manually spreading. 

For small gardens, we have handheld spreaders that are perfect for everything from grass seed and fertiliser to wildflower seeds. Whereas the BS Easy Spreader offers the convenience of a tow-behind spreader at a smaller size that makes them perfect for small gardens and areas that aren’t frequently used.


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BS Mini Handheld Spreader

Our easiest to use spreader for simple and accurate application. No assembly required, simply fill and shake. Ideal for patching lawns, spreading wildflower seeds and applying lawn fertiliser. Versatile and lightweight with three flow settings.

  • Easy to use - simply fill and shake!
  • Suitable for grass seed, wildflower seed and fertilisers 
  • Robust and hard-wearing for long-term use
  • Accurate distribution from adjustable settings:
    • Setting 1 - Wildflower Seeds, Fertiliser
    • Setting 2 - Grass Seed
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BS Handheld Spreader BS125

This user-friendly hand-held broadcast is useful for spreading wildflower seeds or for general use in small gardens etc.

  • Not suitable for fertiliser
  • Can be used for grass seed and wildflower seed
  • Flow control
  • Capacity: 1kg Seed
  • Spreading pattern: 1.5 - 2 metres
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BS Easy Spreader

This spreader is ideal for small areas or non frequent use. Easy to use and will give even coverage for areas that need seeding.

  • Variable settings, able to apply grass seed, fertiliser or granular salt
  • Easy to assemble
  • Capacity: 5kg seed / 10kg fertiliser
  • Spread width: 41cm 
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BS Seed and Fertiliser Rotary Spreader

Perfect for quick and easy applications of seed and fertiliser on lawns, paddocks and orchards. Variable rate settings.

  • Easy assembly, no tools required, ready to use in minutes 
  • Wide spread for quicker applications
  • Capacity: 8kg seed / 15kg fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: 1.5 - 3 metres
BS Seed & Fertiliser Spreader BS- 2000
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BS Seed & Fertiliser Spreader BS- 2000

This is a durable, easy to operate spreader ideal for domestic and light commercial use. Large capacity hopper.

  • Allows precise application with easy flow control
  • Good for confined areas, avoiding overspill on to patios/borders,etc.
  • Spread width: 56cm
  • Capacity: 14kg Seed / 27kg Fertiliser

We offer three types of seed spreaders to ensure all your needs are covered: 


Drop spreaders drop their seed or fertiliser between the wheels of the spreader as it is pushed or pulled behind you. Drop spreaders are the most precise form of seed spreader as they spread seeds in a very narrow area. This does mean they take longer to spread seed than a broadcast spreader but you won’t need to make multiple passes. 


Rotary, or broadcast, spreaders fan seed out in all directions, up to 3 metres total. They’re less accurate than drop spreaders but because they cover such a wide area, it’s incredibly quick to do multiple passes over an area. 

To make sure you’re using the right grass seed and fertiliser for your lawn, check out our helpful guides on grass seed and the right type of fertiliser.