Legume and Herb Rich Swards GS4

Grass, legume and herb mixtures to comply with Countryside Stewardship GS4 - Legume and Herb Rich Swards. Buy herbal ley mixtures online, apply for a trade account (we review all applications within one working day) or get in touch to place an order through your buying group. You can also request a catalogue to view our full range. 

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CSS2 Legume & Herb Rich Mixture GS4

Use this mixture for GS4 Countryside Stewardship (Legume and Herb-Rich Swards), to establish a mixed sward of grasses, legumes and herbs and wildflowers.

  • A vigorous sward with abundant legumes and herbs, suitable for productive cattle and sheep 
  • Provides habitat and food for invertebrates and crop pollinators
  • Improves soil structure and water infiltration.
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): GS1 GS4 GS8 GS14 SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW7 SW8 WT1 WT2
  • Contains: 40% Strong Creeping Red Fescue, 15% Perennial Ryegrass, 13% Meadow Fescue, 10% Sainfoin, 7% Timothy, 5% Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass, 5% Red Clover, 2% Alsike Clover, 1.25% Lucerne, 0.5% Sheep's Parsley, 0.5% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 0.5% Sheep’s Burnet, 0.25% Ribwort Plantain
  • Sowing rate: 20kg/ha. Pack size: 20kg
CSS3 Wildflower Meadow AB8

Use this mixture for wildflower meadows, to provide rich habitat for butterflies, insects, birds & small mammals. Enhance mixture to comply with Flower-Rich Margins and Plots (AB8).

  • An extended number of species of grass, legumes and wildflowers
  • Can be sown on its own or with other wildflower mixtures
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship AB8 GS4 GS8 GS14 SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW7 SW8 WT1 WT2
    Contains: 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue, 10.75% Chewing's Fescue, 10% Hard Fescue, 10% Timothy, 10% Slender Creeping Red Fescue, 6% Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass, 5% Red Clover, 5% Sainfoin, 4% Sheep's Fescue, 2.5% Alsike Clover, 1.5% Ribwort Plantain, 1.5% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 0.75% Yarrow, 0.5% Meadow Foxtail, 0.5% Selfheal, 0.5% Oxeye Daisy, 0.5% Sheep's Sorrel, 0.5% Common Knapweed, 0.5% Wild Carrot
  • Previously known as BSWF10
  • Sowing rate: 20kg/ha.