Cover Crop Mixtures

Cover crops are fast becoming an important part of the arable rotation. Boston Seeds are delighted to offer the exclusive EnviroSeeds range of cover crop seed mixtures, formulated on the back of extensive independent trials. 

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EnviroSeeds Summer Legume

 A short-term mixture consisting of nitrogen-fixing legumes to add nutrients to the soil. Formulated specifically for spring drilling or after early-harvested crops, to be incorporated before drilling winter cereals.

  • Sequests carbon and replenishes lost nutrients 
  • Susceptible to frosts 
  • Includes ‘single-cut’ berseem clover variety ‘TABOR’ and ‘BINGO’ purple vetch 
  • Contains: 50% Spring Vetch, 30% Purple Vetch, 20% Berseem Clover 
  • Sowing rate: 15-20kg/ha 
EnviroSeeds Summer Thrive

A diverse mixture for summer and earlyautumn soil conditioning. Designed for sowing after early-harvested crops and incorporating before autumn-drilled cereals. Includes a range of rooting depths and types, and produces significant organic matter for incorporation. 

  • Produces high organic matter 
  • Easy to incorporate 
  • Range of rooting depths and types 
  • Flowering species provide essential food sources for pollinators
  • Contains: 35% Black Oats, 27% Spring Vetch, 15% Buckwheat, 10% Berseem Clover, 10% Linseed, 3% Phacelia 
  • Sowing rate: 20-25kg/ha
EnviroSeeds Winter Revivor

Contains a range of frost-tolerant species to provide cover from autumn through to drilling of spring crops. Varying plant types and root profiles maximise soil conditioning and spring organic matter production. 

  • Frost-tolerant 
  • Range of rooting depths and types 
  • High organic matter production 
  • Fixes and catches nitrogen
  • Contains: 50% Rye, 25% Vetch, 10% White Mustard, 5% Brown Mustard, 5% Crimson Clover, 5% Oil Radish
  • Sowing rate: 20-25kg/ha 
EnviroSeeds Grabber

Our most popular cover crop mixture. Vetch has a prolonged growing season and fixes Nitrogen at lower temperatures than other legumes. Rye develops a strong root structure to scavenge Nitrogen from the previous crop.

  • Fixes and catches Nitrogen - Winter hardy mixture
  • Low cost - Good weed suppression
  • Contents: 80% Rye, 20% Vetch
  • Sowing rate: 35-50kg/ha. EFA Compliant
EnviroSeeds Sprinter

Specifically for early autumn sowing where high biomass is required but mixture is not required to overwinter. Black Oats are exceptionally quick to establish but late to mature, reducing risk of unwanted seed shed. Vetch establishes and grows quickly in the autumn.

  • Best sown in early autumn - Short term very quick growing
  • Fixes and catches nitrogen - Winter kill is likely
  • Contents: 70% Black Oats, 30% Vetch
  • Sowing rate: 25-35kg/ha. 
EnviroSeeds Winter N-Fixer

Provides rapid soil coverage in the autumn and stands until late spring. Berseem clover grows vigorously in the autumn but is killed by frost. Winter vetch and crimson clover are frost-tolerant for winter ground cover and early spring growth. 

  • Rapid establishment 
  • Fixes nitrogen in autumn and spring 
  • Dense ground cover through the winter 
  • Tolerant of poor soils 
  • Contains: 70% Hairy Vetch, 20% Crimson Clover, 10% Berseem Clover
  • Sowing rate: 15-20kg/ha