Mustard Seed - Game Cover

Mustard seed is one of the most widely used game cover crops. Mustard seed can be sown in the summer and will provide fast growing cover for game birds.

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5-7 Day Delivery
Carbon Kale and Mustard Hybrid Seed

New and unique game cover crop which combines the excellent cover of kale with the easy and rapid establishment of mustard. 

  • Produces amazing cover in a short period of time
  • Excellent frost tolerant cover by November
  • Can be used for new sowing or for patching failed crops
  • Best sown in June or July.
  • Sowing rate: 2kg per acre. Pack size: 2kg
Brown Mustard Game Cover - Vittasso Seed
2-3 Day Delivery
VITTASSO Brown Mustard Seed - Game Cover

Vittasso Brown Mustard is a highly versatile game cover crop - easy to establish, quick growing and winter hardy.

  • Sow from late July onwards to produce a dense, leafy canopy.
  • Winter-hardy, easy to establish, cost-effective.
  • Can be sown as a rescue crop for failed spring sowings.
  • Can grow up to 1.5 metres dependent on sowing period.
  • Sowing rate: 2kg per acre (5kg per ha).
2-3 Day Delivery
White Mustard Seed - Game Cover

White mustard is an ever popular choice for game cover. Very easy to establish and grows rapidly, providing cover until the first winter frosts. 

  • Can be sown alone or as a companion to other species
  • Ideal for early cover, killed off by frost will create shelter for birds
  • Quick growing - ideal for patching failed spring cover crops
  • Also opular as a green manure crop
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): AB2 
  • Sowing rate: 15kg / ha