Wildflower Plants

Perfect for gardeners of all experience levels, our wildflower plugs help create a flourishing, beautiful wildflower garden with minimal effort. Creating a wildflower garden or lawn from plug plants is a fantastic way to add a splash of colour to your outside space, and watching them burst from their earthy bed as they grow is nothing short of magical. If speed is of the essence and you'd like to create your wildflower and wildlife meadow without having to wait, check out our full A to Z of high quality, perennial UK native wildflower plug plants.


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Boston Seeds offer a large range of British wild flower meadow plug plants, all produced to the highest standards from native UK seed. In our range, you'll find an array of wild flower plug plants as individual species or in plant collections, each of which is specifically designed to serve a particular purpose and contain at least ten different species. From the best wildflower plants for bees, to wildflowers suitable for clay soil - whatever your wants and needs are, we're certain our collections will have your garden looking blooming marvellous in no time.


If you'd like to learn more about wildflower plants, please see our guide to establishing a wildflower meadow and our guide to wildflower plants and plugs for some expert tips and advice. 


All of our wildflower plug plants are 40 cubic centimetre standard plugs, with strong and healthy roots already established, ready to plant out straight away into your outdoor space.


Our Range of Wildflower Plants

We have a range of wildflower plants to suit different needs and environments; including:


Bee Friendly Wildflower Plug Plants

Our pre-grown, easy-to-plant wildflower plug plants are a hassle free way to introduce an array of nectar-rich wildflowers perfect to attract and support bees. Our bee-friendly wildflower plug plants are perfect for creating a beautiful outdoor paradise. 


Butterfly Friendly Wildflower Plug Plants

Create a lively, colourful butterfly sanctuary with our butterfly friendly wildflower plug plants. Easy-to-plant and hassle-free, our plug plants for butterflies attract and support a variety of different butterfly species. 


Water Edge Wildflower Plug Plants

Not only does planting wildflowers at the water edge help stabilise soil, prevent erosion and support local wildlife - they add life, colour and beauty to the water’s edge. Specifically designed to thrive in moist, damp conditions - they are also easy-to-establish and require little maintenance - perfect for any level of gardening experience.


Wetland Wildflower Plug Plants

Add colour and beauty to your landscape with our wetland wildflower plug plants. Designed to flourish in moist, nutrient rich wetland environments - they will not only help create a breathtaking view they help support biodiversity and create a healthy environment.


Scented Wildflower Plug Plants

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh flowers? Infuse your garden with the beautiful fragrance and vibrant colours of our scented wildflower plug plants. Our pre-grown, easy-to-grow scented wildflower plug plants will transform your outdoor space into a wildflower paradise. 


Summer Flowering Wildflower Plug Plants

Transform your summer garden with vibrant colours and beautiful natural wildflowers. From captivating bird’s foot trefoil to delicate beautiful meadow crane’s bill, our summer flowering wildflower plug plants contain a range of species selected to provide a display of flowers from June through to September. 


Wildflower Plug Plants for Different Soils

Different wildflower species thrive in different soil types; we have different wildflower plug plants that are designed to thrive in all soil types including:


Why choose Boston Seeds?

With over two decades of experience, Boston Seeds is a family-run business whose passion lies in creating beautiful outdoor spaces with high-quality grass and wildflowers.


When buying from Boston Seeds, you are buying:


  • Quality assurance: Our wildflower plants are grown with care and attention to detail so that you receive healthy plug plants ready to plant outside straight away.
  • Customer satisfaction: We take pride in providing the best possible service and product for our customers. If you’ve got any questions or concerns our team is always happy to help.
  • Expert advice: We are always on hand to help provide expert advice on planting your wildflower plants to ensure you get the best meadow or garden. Take a look at our advice section or get in touch