Millet and Sorghum Seed

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White Millet Seed

White millet is a popular choice as it provides cover and a source of food. Particularly attractive to English and French partridges.

  • Produces a plentiful supply of small seeds for birds
  • Often sown in conjunction with maize or kale
  • It is vigorous and will grow to a height of up to 90cm
  • Thicker leaved and higher seed production than red millet
  • Sowing rate: 5kg acre.
Red Millet Seed

Red Millet is best sown alongside other crops to provide a source of food which will help to keep birds in the covers. 

  • Will produce a plentiful supply of small seeds for birds
  • Often sown in conjunction with maize or kale
  • Red millet is earlier maturing than white millet
  • Susceptible to frost
  • Sowing rate: 5kg acre.
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Japanese Reed Millet Seed

Japanese Reed Millet is a stronger and hardier member of the millet family when compared to Red and White Millet.

  • Stronger plant than others of the millet family
  • Improved winter hardiness
  • Mix with white millet to provide an excellent cover and feed crop
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre.
2-3 Day Delivery
Ambush Millet Mix

A mix of white, red and Japanese reed millet. The white millet provides a source of food  whilst the Japanese reed millet provides cover.

  • The strong reed millet plant provides long season cover for flushing
  • White and red millet provides feed to hold birds in the cover
  • Winter hardy allowing it to be used through the shooting season
  • 40% White Millet, 40% Red Millet, 20% Japanese Reed Millet
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre. Pack Size: 10kg
2-3 Day Delivery
Dwarf Hybrid Sorghum Seed

Short stemmed, sturdy, broad-leaved and has a substantial seed head. Its shorter growing habit is ideal for exposed sites.

  • Average height 1 - 1.25m.
  • Very good standing power due to short growth habit.
  • Ideal cover providing a warm holding area for birds.
  • Sowing rate 12kg per acre.
2-3 Day Delivery
Giant Sorghum Seed

Giant Sorghum is a cross between Sorghum and Sudan Grass Hybrid. It can grow over two metres tall providing excellent cover.

  • Produces warm and dense cover that can grow 2-3 metres tall.
  • Deep roots help it to withstand drought conditions
  • Works well as a windbreak protect more vulnerable crops
  • Sorghum is useful for flushing as it encourages the birds to lift above the cover
  • Sowing rate: 12kg per acre.
2-3 Day Delivery
Intermediate Sorghum Seed

Intermediate Sorghum as the name suggests grows to a height between the Giant and Dwarf varieties. 

  • Grows to a height of around 1.5 metres.
  • Useful as a windbreak around other game cover crops
  • Tall cover provides birds with protection from overhead predators
  • Similar to maize but does not produce a cob
  • Sowing rate: 10kg per acre.
2-3 Day Delivery
Over 'n' Under Sorghum Mix

Mix of two differing heights of sorghum. The Dwarf Sorghum gives birds protection from predators and Giant Sorghum acts as a windbreak.

  • Creates thick and sturdy cover which will last for a full season
  • Best sown from May-June
  • 90% Dwarf Sorghum, 10% Giant Sorghum
  • Sowing rate: 10kg per acre. Pack size 10kg