Autumn Sown Bumble Bird AB16

Autumn sown mixture to benefit birds and pollinators to comply with Countryside Stewardship AB16 - Autumn Sown Bumblebird Mix.

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CSS7 Autumn Sown Bumble Bird Mixture AB16

Use this mixture for Autumn Sown Bumblebird Mix AB16:

  • Abundant supply of small seeds during the winter months for farmland birds such as tree sparrow and corn bunting
  • Provides pollen and nectar-rich flowers for pollinating and beneficial insects including bees, butterflies and hoverflies
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): GS8, GS14, AB16
  • Contains25% Winter triticale, 22% Winter barley,  20% Winter Wheat, 10Fodder radish,  10% Crimson clover, 3Bird's foot trefoil, 2Kale, 2Gold of Pleasure, 1Phacelia, 5% Vetch
  • Sowing rate: 30kg/ha. Pack size: 20kg