Autumn Sown Bumble Bird AB16

The AB16 - Autumn Sown Bumblebird Mix option continues to be popular with farmers and brings a diverse range of species and benefits to wildlife. The mix of cereals and seed-bearing plants with pollen and nectar rich species ensure this mix benefits birds, pollinators and insects alike. Our mixture reflects 2021 updates to the option.

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CSS7 Autumn Sown Bumble Bird Mixture AB16
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Farm Wildlife

CSS7 Autumn Sown Bumble Bird Mixture AB16

Use this mixture for Autumn Sown Bumblebird Mix AB16, providing an abundant supply of small seeds during the winter months for farmland birds such as tree sparrow and corn bunting.

  • Provides pollen and nectar-rich flowers for pollinating and beneficial insects including bees, butterflies and hoverflies
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): GS8, GS14, AB16
  • Contains: 34% Triticale, 34% Wheat, 2% Fodder Radish, 3% Gold of Pleasure, 2% Kale, 8% Linseed, 1% Alsike Clover, 1% Birdsfoot Trefoil, 7% Common Vetch, 5% Crimson Clover, 1% Lucerne, 1% Phacelia, 1% Red Clover 
  • Sowing rate: 50kg/ha. Pack size: 20kg
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