Here at Boston Seeds, we take quality seriously, and genuinely want every one of our customers to be delighted with their purchase and results; forming a fundamental pillar of our philosophy:



'Providing quality products, fit for purpose and at competitive prices.

Customer service second to none.'



We use our research and development site to trial and test our products, which have been refined and improved over many years. We welcome customers to visit these trials and see our products in action for themselves. 


Grass Seed

The production and sale of grass seed are regulated by DEFRA, and our grass seed is certified in line with their regulations - guaranteeing exceptionally high purity and germination standards. Buy with confidence from a DEFRA registered seed merchant.

Going further than selling high germination, high purity and certified lawn seed, we carefully select varieties tested and recommended by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), the world's leading sports turf consultancy. Look out for the STRI logo in our seed mixture product descriptions, which denotes a mixture that exclusively contains species listed by the STRI. You can read more about the STRI and their Turfgrass Seed Booklet here.


Wildflower Seeds

Boston Seeds was one of the very first companies to offer wildflower seeds online, and we are now the largest online seller in the UK. Unlike grass seed, the sale of wildflower seeds is not subject to DEFRA seed certification - suppliers that claim to offer 'certified' or 'organic' wildflower seeds are being misleading.

Instead, the supply of wildflower seeds is based on a large amount of trust - that the mixtures are as specified, and of native origin, as is the case here at Boston Seeds. That's why we're trusted as the wildflower seed supplier to organisations such as the Wildlife Trusts, local councils, wildlife charities and many more.

We've also trialled, tested and refined our products over time, so we know they work. Plus, our friendly, expert advisors can point you towards the right products if you are unsure.


Flower Bulbs

We're proud to source many of our spring bulbs directly from some of the finest growers in the Netherlands. The bulbs are harvested during the summer and stored in a temperature-controlled environment - ensuring bulbs don't dry out, nor retain too much moisture. We ship bulbs into our warehouse immediately following the August bank holiday weekend and then despatch them to our customers as quickly as possible to keep transit time to a minimum.


As proud supporters of UK farming and produce, wherever possible, we also source varieties from growers in the UK. We are particularly keen to support our local growers and many of our daffodil bulbs are grown right here in Lincolnshire, allowing us to see the actual crops through the growing season. Bluebells, snowdrops and other wildflower bulbs are sourced from around the UK, ensuring you only receive great quality, native varieties of our treasured wildflower species.


Bulb quality is indicated predominantly by its size, as this provides more food and energy for the emerging plant. We select all of our bulbs for superior size to ensure bigger, better and bolder blooms. We're proud of the size and quality of our bulbs and indicate these on each one of our products for our customers to see.



To find out more about Boston Seeds, visit our about us page or don't hesitate to get in touch for further information - we're proud of the quality of our products and we love talking about them!