Weedkiller Advice & Tips

After spending countless hours, energy and money carefully tending to your garden, there’s nothing worse than seeing weeds spring up where they’re not wanted! This is why many consider using weedkiller products, but it’s important to get the right one for your needs. 

Weeds aren’t just unwelcome because of their unsightly nature, they can be incredibly damaging. Weeds are quite greedy and can cut off nutrients to nearby plants which can not only leave your beautiful flower beds and lawn withering but they can also cause abnormal growth in fruit bearing plants and trees. Selective weed killers can help here as they target weeds without causing any damage to your grass.

Despite their small stature, they can even lead to concrete decay. Weeds are one of the few plants that can flourish in poor soil, so grow well even underneath driveways and push through any existing weak spots, causing cracks and breaks. Total weedkiller is more common here as this will target anything that’s growing that could cause potential damage to your driveway or concrete patio.

We have advice on what can affect your lawn so you know which plants are potentially harmful to the rest of your garden and can act quickly.

If you would like more advice on finding the right weedkiller for your garden you can get in touch with us here.