Flower Bulbs

At Boston Seeds, we offer quality flower bulbs for domestic gardeners and tradespeople alike. All of our flower bulbs are directly sourced from trusted growers and are specifically selected for their size, quality and provenance. Our bigger bulbs produce bigger, better and bolder flowers.


Take a look at our exciting range of varieties - from Alliums, Crocus, Muscari to name but a few. Including old favourites, garden classics as well as striking new lines for 2021. Can't find what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Don't forget we also offer Wildflower bulbs such as the BS Snake’s head offer gorgeous, vibrant shades of maroon and purple and a fascinating petal texture. This flower was once widespread across the UK and is now making a comeback for its beautiful shape and colour. It looks especially striking as a burst of colour in wildflower gardens or to naturalise woodland edges. 


For those looking to encourage biodiversity in their garden, our Allium bulbs are excellent for pollinators, such as bees. In fact, they’ve been highlighted by the RHS as being scientifically proven to help tackle the declines in pollinator animals. A bee favourite, and also one of ours is the Aflatunense Allium Bulbs.


Our autumnal flower bulb range is available seasonally so if your favourite flower isn’t in season yet, visit our range of Spring-Planted Wildflower Bulbs. These are available from February onwards.