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Jigsaw Puzzle - Native Flora

Recreate a Native Flora Meadow with this brilliantly beautiful puzzle! A stunning example of some of the varities of grasses and Wildflowers we are lucky to have in our countrysides! This puzzle is a great way to spend a few hours, exercising your mind while you imagine the long Wild Grasses blowing in the wind

  • Made from thick, durable board 
  • Completed Size (100 Piece*): 48 x 36cm
  • Completed Size (1,000 Piece): 64 x 48cm 
  • Each puzzle is carefully enclosed in a rustic gift box

*100 Piece Puzzle suited to children 6 years and up.

No need to imagine! If you would like your own diverse Flora Meadow, sow our ''Butterfly & Bee Wildflower Seeds BSBM 80/20''.

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