Triteleia Bulbs

Triteleia flower bulbs should be planted in the autumn for beautiful spring flowers. Check back in July 2023 to order yours! For bulbs to plant from January to April, check out our wildflower bulbs in the green.


Beautiful deep purple/ blue flowers appearing in early summer with narrow linear green foliage, they are a great perennial that's easy to look after. Requiring no pruning they will spread over time and are perfect as a border filler.

Like everything we supply here at Boston Seeds, we pride ourselves on supplying professional quality - and for flower bulbs, that means BIG! Our bigger bulbs produce bigger, better and bolder flowers. Choose from our exciting range of varieties - old favourites, garden classics as well as striking new lines for 2022.

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Bulb Fertiliser
September 2023 Delivery
Bulb Fertiliser

Our flowering bulb fertiliser has been specifically designed to help your spring-flowering bulbs flower to their full potential. Whether you are establishing in pots or containers, sprinkle a small amount into each hole prior to planting your bulbs. Also suitable for use in early spring to encourage your bulbs to flower well in the following season.

  • Tailored to give your bulbs all the nutrients they need
  • Can be mixed with compost or Bulb Fibre
  • NPK - 12.11.18 + MgO
  • Recommended coverage: 5kg per 200sqm. Apply at 25g/sqm
  • Not suitable for use with Wildflower Bulbs

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Triteileia laxa Koningin Fabiola Bulbs
September 2023 Delivery
Triteleia laxa Koningin Fabiola Bulbs

Masses of deep purple/ blue flowers these late flowering bulbs will ensure that your flowering period is extended as far as possible. Plant en masse for swathes of colour.

  • Height (cm): 50cm
  • Bulb Size (cm): 5+cm
  • Blooms: June/July

This item is currently unavailable

September 2023 Delivery
Bulb Planter

Making bulb planting easier, quicker and cleaner, our bulb planter is the ideal tool for helping you plant your spring-flowering bulbs.

  • Made of high quality steel
  • Automatic release on handle
  • Duroplast coating - impact, elastic, abrasion, and corrosion - resistant
  • Depth Scale

This item is currently unavailable

September 2023 Delivery
Bulb Planting Essentials Pack

Our bulb planting essentials pack has been put together for the ease of ensuring quick planting and a great display. The bulb planter will help you plant the bulbs with ease whilst the fibre will ensure the bulbs do not rot when planted into pots or containers. Using the bulb fertiliser will ensure your bulbs have all the nutrients they need whilst establishing.

  • 1 x Bulb Fibre
  • 1 x Bulb Planter
  • 1 x Bulb Fertiliser