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Paddock Fertiliser

KissMyGrass Paddock Fertilisers are specialist high quality blended products, specifically designed to cover all your paddock requirements. Boston Seeds produce their KissMyGrass fertiliser with one of the UK's largest and most respected fertiliser manufacturers. These are free-flowing formulations for accurate application of balanced nutrients.


Boston Seeds recommend applying fertiliser with a spreader, to aid even application - and its easier for the user!

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KissMyGrass Sustain Paddock Fertiliser

Low N fertiliser favourable to fescues and meadow grasses, ideal for non-ryegrass swards. Also suitable for autumn application, lighter grazing and hay.

  • Replaces minerals removed by grazing and hay cuts.
  • Encourages regrowth for season long performance
  • Improves ground cover to reduce poaching and weeds
  • Contains NPK: 4.8.10 + 5% Sulphur
  • Packed in 20kg bags. Apply March to October, 3 to 5 bags per acre application
  • Boston Seeds recommend applying fertiliser using a spreader, which aids an even application - and it's quicker!