Paddock Fertiliser

Our range of KissMyGrass paddock fertilisers are specially formulated for use in horse and pony paddocks - ensuring your paddock grass gets all of the nutrients it needs. It’s essential to make sure your paddock grass can thrive, providing your horses with all of the nutrients they need whilst grazing. 


At Boston Seeds, we produce our KissMyGrass fertiliser alongside one of the UK’s largest and most respected fertilisers manufacturers and all of our paddock fertilisers are made with free-flowing formulations for accurate application of balanced nutrients. Options like the KissMyGrass Sustain Paddock Fertiliser offer a Low N fertiliser which is best suited to fescues and meadow grasses.


Don't hesitate to get in touch to speak to one of our experts or request a catalogue to view our full range. Ordering regularly or looking for large volumes? Click here to apply for a trade account today - we review all applications within one working day.


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KissMyGrass Maintainer Paddock Fertiliser

A high quality spring paddock fertiliser, containing essential nutrients to provide grazing and maintain a healthy sward.  

  • Replaces minerals removed by grazing and hay cuts.
  • Encourages regrowth for season long performance
  • Improves ground cover to reduce poaching and weeds
  • Contains NPK: 12.4.6  + 12% Sulphur
  • Packed  in 20kg bags. Apply March to July, 3 to 5 bags per acre application
  • Boston Seeds recommend applying fertiliser using a spreader, which aids an even application - and it's quicker!

Especially in large paddock areas, we recommend using a spreader which will ensure you have even coverage, plus a spreader will save you a lot of time. Using the right fertiliser will help encourage regrowth during the entire season - ensuring your horses are well-fed and happy.


We have helpful guides on how to properly maintain your paddock to ensure you have a healthy paddock year-round.