Selective Weedkiller

Selective weedkiller will quickly become your garden’s best line of defence against harmful weeds and moss. Weeds compete with your lawn for nutrients which can leave your grass with unsightly patchy areas and a serious weed overgrowth problem. 


The magic of a selective weedkiller is that while it kills weeds such as dandelions, clover, plantain and trefoil it won’t harm your grass at all. The formula is made to very specifically kill weeds at their root, so they can’t grow back, whilst leaving your lawn luscious and green.


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Weedol lawn weedkiller is specially designed to kill weeds in existing lawns whi...

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Weedol selective lawn weedkiller is ready to use on your lawn and grassland to k...

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We offer ready to use spray guns for when you need to spot control smaller clumps of weeds as well as a concentrated formula that can cover much larger areas. Once you have removed the weeds from your lawn, you can simply use grass seed to overseed and cover any patches left behind. 


If you’re looking to prepare new areas for seeding from scratch or want to remove weeds on patios or driveways, check out our total weedkiller range. These will remove all plants in the area you apply weedkiller to.  


Our fertiliser even offers next day delivery so you can deal with your weed problem quickly and efficiently. For advice on the right weedkiller and more check out our weedkiller advice and tips