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About Us

Boston Seeds is an independent seed merchant founded in 2002. Trading activity covers specialist products grown for wholesale customers and, increasingly, a web-based retail business specialising in wildflowers and grass seeds.


Our philosophy is simple:


To provide quality products, fit for purpose and at competitive prices.

Customer service second to none.

International Trade

Boston Seeds import products from around the world to ensure the most appropriate products are available at the most competitive prices. But, ever conscious of supporting British Farmers, our exports usually exceed imports. We produce about 1000 hectares of seed crops in the UK each year, as well as crops in Europe, including Germany and Czech Republic. The crops are typically rye, triticale, linseed, vetch, white mustard, forage rape and oilseed rape.

Exports of grass seed and wildflower seeds increase annually, mainly to northern and southern Europe.


Boston Seeds is the  UK’s leading online grass and wildflower seed company

Boston Seeds launched their online shop in 2003. We weren’t the first company to sell grass seed and wildflower seeds over the internet, but we believe we are now the market leader. Our strength lies in the experience and expertise of staff, as well as our ability to procure goods at source. This gives us the opportunity to provide sound advice and offer very competitive prices on high quality seeds.


Investment for the Future

In 2010 we purchased three hectares of land for research and development. Our plan is to create a range of habitats to develop and evaluate environmental grass and wildflower seed mixtures. We are increasingly asked to provide specifications and seed mixtures for habitat projects to improve biodiversity and/or reinstatement. Additionally, projects for RSPB, Environmental Stewardship, Woodland Trust and Natural England (to name a few) are becoming more important to our core business and we must stay at the forefront of our industry.

Boston Seeds Wildflower Research Trials Boston Seeds Grass Seed Research Trials





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