Which Fertiliser To Use?


Liquid fertiliser from a watering can - Boston Seeds 


Your lawn is the only plant in your garden that is cut down over twenty times per year. If you collected all the grass clippings over a season, you would see just how much plant material is removed. These leaves that we clip without thinking are the result of the plant photosynthesising and removing nutrients from the soil.

Your lawn is also the only plant in your garden that is walked on, played on and generally subjected to a lot of abuse. Using the right products at the right time of year can help to replace the lost nutrients and help your lawn to recover.


What do fertilisers contain?

The three primary nutrients in most fertilisers are:-

Nitrogen (N) Plants cannot absorb nitrogen from the air, so this nutrient must be absorbed from the soil. It forms part of the chlorophyll (the green colour) so is essential for photosynthesis.

Phosphorous (P) This assists in grass growth and encourages rooting, but excessive use can lead to a build-up of thatch.

Potassium (K) This controls the stomata and therefore water loss within the plant and can affect the drought tolerance of your lawn.

Secondary nutrients are in less demand and are rarely included in lawn feed due to the cost, however they are still essential for a healthy lawn. Magnesium (Mg) is associated with photosynthesis and chlorophyll, and seaweed (containing iron, boron and zinc) provides the trace elements missing from soil.


Which fertiliser to use & when?

BS Spring & Summer Lawn Fertiliser 11.5.5 contains NPK at a ratio of 11.5.5. The higher nitrogen content encourages leaf and shoot growth. This is best applied from March to September and releases the nutrients over a 6-8 week period.

For that added boost BS Premium Spring & Summer Lawn Fertiliser 12.5.5+ is the perfect choice. Containing NPK at a ratio of 12.5.5, along with 1% MgO, 2% Fe and Seaweed, it is a premium fertiliser for areas of lawn and turf.

It is important to make fertilising your lawn part of a seasonal process as different quantities of each nutrient are needed during the different seasons.

At the end of each growing season, we recommend using BS Autumn & Winter Lawn Fertiliser 6.5.10 +Fe +Mg, which has been specially formulated to provide nutrients throughout this period. The addition of iron and magnesium help protect against turf diseases and gives the grass a deep green colour.

For year-round granular lawn fertiliser coverage, the BS Year Round Lawn Fertiliser Package provides enough of each type of fertiliser for four applications throughout the year, making it a popular choice for the amateur and professional gardener.