What's the hardest wearing grass seed for my lawn?


Dog on hard-wearing grass - Boston Seeds 

To create hard wearing, heavy duty lawns, use the best hard wearing grass seed available for the job. Perennial ryegrass is used for the very toughest applications, premiership football pitches, showgrounds, racetracks etc.


Over recent years, new varieties of amenity perennial ryegrass have been cultivated to produce finer leaves in order to produce attractive, lush green lawns. These hard-wearing grass seeds are fast growing with tough strong leaves. The roots are thick and fibrous which helps it survive against damage. As ryegrass is a crowning species, it doesn't require much ongoing lawn maintenance such as 'thinning out' or close mowing which makes it ideal for creating strong, multi-purpose lawns that can still achieve the classic 'lawn stripe' appearance.


Our toughest lawn mixtures such as Childs PlayHardwearing and Premier combine the strength of perennial ryegrass with other species such as slender and strong creeping red fescue which thicken the sward and bind the turf. This produces a tough lawn which stands up to the demands of modern life. This is perfect for high traffic areas, creating child friendly lawns and to help to reduce damage caused by dogs.


Ryegrass is the most competitive and fastest growing grass seed species, which makes it ideal to repair lawn damage or overseed thinning lawns. Our Renovator seed includes a blend of three quality perennial ryegrass varieties, proven to repair lawn damage fast.


Ryegrass can also germinate at lower temperatures (down to ground temperatures of just 5°C) making it ideal for use as a winter grass seed or when weather conditions are uncertain.