Spreaders Advice & Tips

Even with smaller lawns, sowing grass by hand can be incredibly time-consuming and very difficult to get an even spread. If you can’t get an even spread when sowing your grass seeds, you’ll find you end up with a patchy lawn. This then leads to you needing to buy more seeds to go back and even the lawn out.

That’s why a tool like a lawn seed spreader can be useful for growing an even, well-balanced lawn, they can also reduce how much grass seed you need to buy, too! Spreaders aren’t just good for your lawn either, they’re multi-purpose and can help spread fertiliser and wildflower seeds

There are a variety of spreaders available so we’ve made a helpful guide to help you choose the best seed spreader for your lawn. Spreaders aren’t just useful for initially sowing, they can be very helpful for repairing your lawn, too. 

Once you know which spreader is best for you, we have handy guides on how to sow your grass seeds as well as the best time of year to sow grass seed, to help you get the job done as easily as possible!

If you still have questions about spreaders, we’re always happy to help and you can get in contact with us here.