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Wildflower Bulbs Advice & Tips

There’s nothing quite like the whimsical beauty of wildflowers. The first daffodil popping up is always a welcoming sight to signal spring is coming and the cold months of winter are about to be left behind. Wildflowers are also wonderful additions for those looking to add a little biodiversity to their garden. They are an excellent source of food for pollinators and insects, which is especially useful in the start of spring when not much else has flowered.

By using wildflower bulbs you can have your own wildflower meadow in a matter of weeks, whether you choose to plant “in the green” spring planted bulbs or get a head start with autumn planted bulbs, the choice is yours!

Despite their name, wildflowers still thrive best with some special attention. So, we've some helpful guides on establishing your wildflower garden as well as how to maintain a wildflower garden. And because bulbs need to be treated differently to seeds and established plants, we have tips on how to plant your bulbs for optimal growth, too.

If you still have more questions about wildflowers you can get in touch with us here where we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.