Wildflower Plants Advice & Tips

For those who love the look of a wildflower garden but don’t want to grow one from seed, our wildflower plants might just be the perfect choice for you. Wildflowers are excellent for giving your garden a splash of colour with a more natural look than manicured flower beds. 

If you’re not sure about what wildflowers you can grow, we have a guide to UK wildflower species to help you see all the wonderful range of colours and sizes available. Wildflowers are especially popular amongst gardeners who want to increase the biodiversity of their garden. Discover which of our wildflower plant collections are perfect for attracting butterflies, birds, bees and moths.

One of the wonderful things about wildflowers is they grow in conditions other flowers struggle to truly thrive in. You can find advice on our plant collections that are specifically suitable for growing in wetlands, chalk and limestone, acidic soil, waters edge, woodlands and hedgerows

There are also helpful guides for beginning your wildflower garden as well as maintaining a wildflower garden. Wildflowers can add variety and delightful scents, many animals will also find them a welcome addition to your garden.

If you find you still have questions around planting wildflowers that aren’t answered in one of our articles, you can get in touch here where we’ll be more than happy to help.