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Green Manuring Crops

A range of green cover crop varieties and mixtures that may be categorised as spring sown for summer usage, autumn sown for over-winter usage, intercropping and longer term fertility improvement. Green cover crops can significantly improve the output of agricultural rotations by improving the health of the soil. Certain green cover crops can also be used to help in the fight against weeds and pests, such as black-grass and beet cyst nematode.


We are also pleased to advise or quote for your own specific special mixture, call 01205 280069. 

Alsike Clover Seed

A nitrogen fixing legume which is better adapted to wet, acidic soils and cooler temperatures. Requires shallow sowing and a firm seedbed.

  • Scandinavian origin and better adapted than Red or White Clover to wet acid soils and cooler conditions
  • Growth habit similar to Red Clover
  • Lower yielding of biomass
  • Requires shallow sowing and a firm seedbed.
  • Sowing rate: 25kg per acre. Packsize: 25kg.

AMELIA Spring Vetch Seed (Vicia sativa)

AMELIA is a nitrogen fixing legume which due to its larger seed size can be sown later in the year than most other legumes.

  • Fast establishing legume which is an excellent weed suppressor 
  • Vetches provide large amounts of nitrogen which is available to the following crop
  • A vigorous trailing/climbing annual legume that does best on dry, alkaline soils
  • Commonly sown as a mixture with Forage Rye
  • Sowing rate: 50kg / ha

Black Medick (Yellow Trefoil) Seed (Medicago lupulina)

A low growing green cover crop which fixes nitrogen and suppresses weeds. Often sown amongst brassica crops.

  • A biennial/annual legume that gives good yields even on thin calcareous soils
  • Few legumes outperform medic in soil-saving and soil-building
  • May be grazed by sheep, main use is as a green manure undersown in cereals
  • Low growth habit makes it useful in vegetable intercropping systems
  • Sowing rate: 12kg / ha

Borage Seed (Borago officinalis)

Borage is a nectar rich, annual flower which produces abundant amounts of easily broken down material that can be incorporated into the soil.

  • Nectar rich helping to boost pollinator numbers to benefit future crops
  • Rapid breakdown once incorporated into the soil, releasing accessible nutrients 
  • Deep taproots break apart soil compaction helping improve drainage and aeration 
  • Wide fibrous root network protects soil from erosion 
  • Sowing rate: 12.5kg / ha

Chicory Seed (Agricultural)

Chicory has a very deep tap root, making it suitable for sowing on dry soils. Often sown alongside a grass and clover mix to improve the soil structure and health.
  • Perennial (Cichorium intibus), pale blue flower - 3-5 cms across, light/chalky soils
  • Flowers: July - October
  • Height: Can grow to 1.5m
  • Sowing Rate: 5kg per acre. Pack size: 5kg. 

Cocksfoot Seed (Dactylis glomerata)

Cocksfoot is a perennial grass which forms large tufts if it is left to grow tall. Often used for undersowing into winter wheat.

  • Used as an under-sown species at very low seed rates into winter wheat
  • It acts as an excellent soil improver on soils prone to summer drought
  • Long lasting, often included in permanent pastures or meadow mixtures
  • Deep root development improves soil structure and composition
  • Sowing rate: 12kg / ha

CONDUCT Rye Seed (Secale cereale)

Can be used for green manure, grown either on its own or as a companion crop to vetch, phacelia or clover.

  • Produces large amounts of green material
  • Excellent nitrogen scavenger, very hardy
  • Grows well on light, sandy, free draining soils
  • Sow in autumn for incorporation and use in the spring
  • Sowing rate: 150kg / ha

Crimson Clover Seed (Trifolium incarnatum)

Crimson clover is a brightly coloured legume which attracts a large numbers of insects. Tolerant of poor soils provided they are alkaline and free draining. 

  • Excellent weed suppressor, fast establishing and good nitrogen fixer
  • Lower yields of biomass than Red Clover but has much shorter growing period
  • Biomass degrades very quickly in the soil releasing nutrients for future crops
  • Will over-winter in Southern England for autumn sowing and spring incorporation
  • Sowing rate: 15kg / ha

DAIKON Deep Root Radish Seed (Raphanus sativus)

DAIKON is a deep rooted tillage radish variety which creates a broad canopy to suppress weeds and improves soil structure with a large tap root. 

  • Large tap root breaks through soil pans and adds biomass to soil
  • Tap root grows up to 35cm long and 2-5cm in width
  • Broad canopy covers soil surface well to suppress weeds
  • Sowing period: July until end of August
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha (sow at 15kg / ha for maximum root development)

Forage Rape Seed

Forage Rape is a fast growing and high yielding crop. Commonly used for forage and as a game cover crop.
  • Rapid establishment, medium-to-tall, palatable grazing.
  • Popular for use as a rescue cover crop.
  • Largely unaffected by frost and wet weather.
  • Good general disease resistance.
  • Sowing rate: 4kg per acre. Pack size: 10kg, 25kg.

IRIS White Mustard Seed (Class 2 Nematode Resistant) (Sinapsis alba)

IRIS white mustard is a cost effective and fast establishing catch crop. As a class 2 variety it can be used to assist in the control of Beet Cyst Nematode.

  • Type 2 variety reduces up to 90% of Beet Cyst Nematode populations in testing
  • Fast and easy to establish, creating a dense canopy to suppress weeds
  • Rapid breakdown of organic material after incorporation releases nutrients
  • Extensive root development protects soil from errosion and breaks compaction
  • Sowing rate: 25kg / ha

Italian Ryegrass Seed (Lolium multiflorum)

Italian ryegrass is quick to establish and produces high yields. Ideal short term mixture for anaerobic digestion.

  • An erect biennial/short lived perennial form best suited to short term leys
  • Rapid establishment, higher yielding than perennial ryegrass
  • Excellent for a green manure crop or for 'mopping up' excess nitrogen
  • Often sown after potatoes and maize in the autumn
  • Sowing rate: 35kg / ha

Lucerne Seed (Medicago sativa)

Lucerne is a longer term perennial clover which fixes large amounts of nitrogen from the air to enrich the soil.

  • A longer term perennial clover which fixes large quantities of nitrogen
  • Widely used for green manure
  • Large tap root which is ideally suited to light and chalky soils as well as dry climates.
  • Seed is supplied inoculated with rhizobium bacteria
  • Sowing rate: 25kg / ha

NACRE Spring Vetch Seed (Vicia sativa)

NACRE vetch is ideal for spring sowing with superior establishment and fast growth. Strong nitrogen fixing properties and excellent resistance to disease.

  • Superior establishment and fast growth act as an excellent weed suppressor
  • Produces large amounts of nitrogen, which break down easily for the following crop
  • Annual legume that performs best on dry, alkaline soils
  • Commonly sown as a companion crop with Forage Rye
  • Sowing rate: 50kg / ha

Persian Clover Seed (Trifolium resupinatum)

Persian clover is an is an annual, nitrogen fixing legume which is widely used across Europe and is useful as a forage plant.

  • Spring sown for grazing and cutting or autumn sown, for rapid spring growth
  • An efficient nitrogen fixing legume to assist future crops
  • Suitable for use with poorer soils and drought conditions
  • Compatible in seed mixtures with grass and legumes
  • Sowing rate: 7-10kg / ha

Phacelia Seed (Phacelia tanacetifolia)

Phacelia is a prolific seed producer, very fast to establish and an excellent source of pollen and nectar. This makes it attractive to both insects and wild birds.

  • A popular green manure crop which is an excellent weed suppressor
  • Establishes fast and matures within 10-12 weeks
  • Produces a large root mass making the plant an excellent soil improver
  • Will produce a multitude of flowers - loved by bees and other insects
  • Sowing rate: 5-8kg / ha

PINA Oil Radish Seed (Class 2 Nematode Resistant) (Raphanus sativus)

PINA Oil (Fodder) Radish is one of the most popular green cover crops due to its deep root structure and ability to control soil borne pests. 

  • Class 2 reduces up to 90% of Beet Cyst Nematode populations in soil 
  • Fast and easy to establish producing high yields - suitable for later sowing
  • Deep penetrative roots which break up compaction and improve soil structure
  • Efficient ground cover to suppress weeds 
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha

PROTECTOR Forage Rye Seed (Secale cereale)

The fastest growing rye, PROTECTOR is a high yielding variety which can grow at the lowest temperatures, making it ideal for late sowing or early harvests.

  • Fast initial development, high tillering and high output
  • Good growth in cold conditions, excellent winter hardiness
  • High nitrogen uptake throughout autumn
  • Sow in autumn for incorporation and use in the spring
  • Sowing rate: 150kg / ha

Red Clover Seed (Trifolium pratense)

Red clover is an aggressive, nitrogen fixing plant which is an effective weed suppressor. Good for improving and aerating soil structure.

  • A shorter term alternative to White Clover, will usually last for two years 
  • An aggressive plant, providing a large mass of green vegetation
  • Fixes large amounts of atmospheric nitrogen which is released once ploughed in
  • Large tap root which penetrates deep into the ground, improving soil structure
  • Sowing rate: 15kg / ha

RESPECT Oil Radish Seed (Class 1 Nematode Resistant) (Raphanus sativus)

RESPECT oil radish is certified class 1 resistant to beet cyst nematodes Heterodera schachtti and Heterodera betae and can reduce soil populations by over 90%.

  • Class 1 reduces upwards of 90% of beet cyst nematode in testing
  • Rapid initial development produces fast ground cover to suppress weeds
  • Very late maturing for a longer growth cycle and higher yields
  • Deep root structure protects from soil erosion and nitrogen leaching
  • Sowing rate: 20kg / ha

ROMESA Fodder Radish Seed (Raphanus sativus)

Fodder Radish is a quick growing cover crop which scavenges nitrogen, produces large amount of organic matter and improves soil structure.

  • Quick growing, produces high organic matter in short periods
  • Suppresses weeds and deep roots benefit soil structure
  • Ideal as a green manure crop sown in early autumn
  • Effective as a standalone green cover or in mixtures
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha

SARAH White Mustard Seed (Sinapsis alba)

SARAH has extensive root development and an impressive yield of dry matter. If not incorporated, surviving plants are usually killed by winter frosts.

  • Fast and easy to establish providing rapid ground cover and weed suppression
  • Rapid breakdown of organic material after incorporation releases nutrients
  • Extensive root development protects soil from errosion and breaks compaction
  • Cost effective solution for using with crop rotations
  • Sowing rate: 25kg / ha

SCALA Brown Mustard Seeds (Brassica juncea)

SCALA is the choice brown mustard for a frost tolerant cover crop to suppress weeds, pump water and improve soil structure.  

  • Strong early vigour and medium maturity 
  • Distinguished by its superior autumn growth and winter hardiness
  • Strong root development to pump water and improve the soil
  • Active against PCN, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Verticillium in biofumigation
  • Sowing rate: 5kg / ha

SLOVENA Winter Vetch Seed (Vicia sativa)

More frost tolerant than other common vetches, SLOVENA is most effective at fixing nitrogen when allowed a prolonged growing season.

  • Fast establishing legume which is an excellent weed suppressor
  • Vetches provide large amounts of nitrogen which is available to the following crop
  • A vigorous trailing/climbing annual legume that does best on dry, alkaline soils
  • Commonly sown as a mixture with Forage Rye
  • Sowing rate: 50kg / ha

TERRANOVA Deep Root Radish Seed (Class 2 Nematode Resistant) (Raphanus sativus)

TERRANOVA has class 2 resistance to beet cyst nematodes and is also resistant to club root nematodes and non-host to a wide range of other nematodes.


  • Reduces beet cyst nematode populations in the soil by up to 90%
  • Wide profile of resistance against (and non-host to) other nematodes
  • Tap root grows up to 35cm long and 2-5cm in width
  • Sowing period: July until end of August
  • Sowing rate: 15-25kg / ha (sow at 25kg / ha for maximum nematode control)

VILLANA Hairy Vetch Seed (Vicia villosa)

Hairy vetch fix substantial amounts of nitrogen, which is easily accessible for future crops. Vigorous spring growth suppresses weeds and protects the soil from erosion. 

  • Fast establishing legume which is an excellent weed suppressor
  • Provides substantial amounts of nitrogen which is available to the following crop
  • A vigorous legume that does best on dry, alkaline soils
  • Commonly sown as a mixture with Forage Rye
  • Sowing rate: 50kg / ha

VITTASSO Brown Mustard Seed (Brassica juncea)

Very popular for use in potato rotations to control soil borne pests and can be incorporated into moist soil to maximise biofumigation.

  • Green manure crop with biofumigant properties
  • Winter-hardy, easy to establish, cost effective
  • Reduces wireworm and PCN populations and their effect on potatoes
  • Suppresses Verticillium wilt and Sclerotinia in potato production
  • Sowing Rate: 5kg / ha
  • VITTASSO Brown Mustard Brochure

Westerwolds Ryegrass Seed (Lolium multiflorum)

Westerwolds is an annual form of ryegrass which is noted for its ability to produce a high volume of biomass in a short period of time. 

  • Fast growing, short term crop. Frequently sown following maize
  • Excellent for 'mopping up' excess nitrogen in the soil
  • Suitable for silage, hay production and grazing
  • Can be sown from spring through to autumn
  • Sowing rate: 35kg / ha

White Clover Seed (Trifolium repens)

White clover is widely used throughout the UK. It is an important element of many silage and grazing mixtures, thanks to its persistence and nitrogen fixing properties.

  • A longer term and more persistent option than Red Clover
  • Very palatable for livestock and high in protein 
  • Continued defoliation stimulates root growth and nitrogen fixation
  • Prefers to be shallow sown into a fine, firm seed bed
  • Sowing rate: 5-10kg / ha

White Mustard Seed

White Mustard is an ever popular choice for game cover plots. Very easy to establish and will grow rapidly providing cover until the first winter frosts. 
  • Can be sown alone or as a companion to other species.
  • Ideal for early cover, killed off by frost will create shelter for birds.
  • Quick growing - ideal for patching failed spring cover crops.
  • Popular as a green manure crop, fast growing and suppresses weeds.
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): AB2 
  • Sowing rate: 15kg / ha. 

Yellow Blossom Clover (Sweet Clover)

Yellow Blossom Clover is a biennial plant that can persist for several years due to its self regenerating properties. 

  • A deep rooted legume that improves soil structure and fertility
  • Nectar rich specie which attracts pollinators to aid future crops
  • Often sown with Kale to help provide cover in the first year
  • Stems become woody in second year to help with standing
  • Sowing rate: 5kg / ha

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