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Maize Seed - Game Cover

Cover crops for game and forage cover. Buy Online or Call 0800 883 0169 for Advice. Boston Seeds are wholesale online seed suppliers for Private Individuals, Businesses and Farming Groups.


Click here for advice on game cover seed and sowing guidelines.  

All Season Game Cover Maize Blend

A blend of three varieties of maize with different maturity dates to provide effective cover and feed for the duration of the season.
  • All Season Blend our best selling game cover maize
  • A blend of early, intermediate and late varieties
  • Varieties selected for good early vigour and standing ability
  • Mesurol treated seed
  • Sow at 45,000 seeds per acre. Pack Size 45,000 seeds 

Compact Game Cover Maize

Compact game cover maize seed is a specially bred variety with a compact growth habit which gives it exceptional standing ability.

  • Compact variety specially bred for use as game cover
  • Shorter growth habit gives excellent standing ability
  • Excellent early vigour for improved establishment
  • Grows to a height of 150-170cm. Thiram and mesurol treated seed
  • Sowing rate: 50,000 seeds per acre. Pack size: 50,000 seeds

HiBird Maize Blend

HiBird Maize blend is a mixture of early , intermediate and late varieties
  • Provides a great food source
  • Good early vigour and standing power
  • treated with just Mesurol, or just Thiram 
  • Spreads timings of cob ripeness
  • Sowing rate 50,000/acre. packsize 50,000 (acre pack)  

Late Game Cover Maize

Late Game Cover Maize offer an excellent cover option in areas where rats and badger are present due to its limited cob development.

  • Sow in the Spring
  • Late maturing variety
  • reduced food source for rats & badgers
  • Mesurol & Thiram seed treatment
  • Sowing rate one pack / acre. Packsize: 1 acre (50,000 seeds) 

Late Shot

Late Shot is an extremely late maturing variety and could not feature anywhere on a UK Maize List due to its lateness.

  •  It will produce a small immature cob that rarely develops past the ‘bright white stage’
  • Due to its very late maturity Late Shot seems to be of less interest to rats and badgers
  • Late Shot will still be looking good at the end of the shooting season 
  • These are very late maturing varieties, but the rate at which the cob matures can vary enormously depending on the growing season, time of sowing and husbandry
  • Sowing rate: 45,000 seeds/acre. Packsize: 1 acre (50,000 seeds) Mesurol treated

Silver Shot Game Cover Maize

Silver Shot is a shorter growing variety of game cover maize which is a tried, tested and very reliable.
  • A very short and compact variety of game cover maize
  • Shorter growth habit gives excellent standing ability
  • A stay green variety with high drought tolerance 
  • Treated with Mesurol
  • Sowing Rate: 40,000 seeds per acre. Pack size: 40,000 seeds

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