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Millet and Sorghum Seed - Game Cover

Cover crops for game and forage cover. Buy Online or Call 0800 883 0169 for Advice. Boston Seeds are wholesale online seed suppliers for Private Individuals, Businesses and Farming Groups.


Click here for  advice on game cover seed and sowing guidelines.  

White Millet Seed

White Millet is a popular choice for many shoots as it provides cover and a source of food. Particularly attractive to English and French partridges.
  • Will produce a plentiful supply of small seeds for birds if grown on its own
  • Often sown in conjunction with maize or kale to provide feed and flushing areas
  • It is vigorous and will grow to a height of up to 90cm
  • White millet is thicker leaved and has a higher seed production than red millet
  • Sowing rate: 5kg acre. Pack size: 10kg

Red Millet Seed

Red Millet is best sown alongside other crops to provide a source of food which will help to keep birds in the covers. 
  • Will produce a plentiful supply of small seeds for birds
  • Often sown in conjunction with maize or kale to provide feed and flushing area
  • Red millet is earlier maturing than white millet
  • Susceptible to frost
  • Sowing rate: 5kg acre. Pack size: 10kg

Japanese Reed Millet Seed

Japanese Reed Millet is a stronger and more hardier member of the millet family when compared to Red and White Millet.
  • Stronger plant than others of the millet family
  • Improved winter hardiness
  • Mix with white millet to provide an excellent cover and feed crop (Ambush Mix)
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre. Pack size: 10kg

Ambush Millet Mix

Ambush Millet is a mixture of white and Japanese reed millet seed. The white millet provides a source of food  whilst the Japanese reed millet provides cover.
  • The strong reed millet plant provides long season cover for flushing
  • White millet will provide the feed to hold the birds in the cover
  • Winter hardy allowing it to be used right through the shooting season
  • 40% White Millet, 40% Red Millet, 20% Japanese Reed Millet
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre. Pack Size: 10kg

Magic Millet Mix

Magic Millet utilises dense reed like millets to provide and excellent wind shield and warming facility.

  • Great for use with maize
  • Creates a great flushing point
  • Red & White millet provde great feed value
  • Contains red, white and reed millet
  • sow at 5kg/acre.  Packsize 5kg 

Millgame Millet Mix

Millgame Millet mix is a popular choice to sow amongst maize to provide a valuable extra source of food to help hold the birds.
  • Can be grown on its own or mixed with game maize or kale
  • For best results- drill maize as normal, then broadcast/drill Millgame at right angles
  • Millgame can provide approximately 1-2000kg of high protein feed per acre
  • 50% Red Millet, 50% White Millet  
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre Pack size: 10kg

Tanka Millet Mix

Tanka Millet mix provides a great alternative to sorghum for wind shields, warm, feed and an opportunity for weed control.
  • Winter hardy millet blend
  • Great windbreaks or a flushing points
  • Suited to wide row sowing
  • Inclusion of white millet adds valuable feed potential 
  • Sowing rate 2.5kg/acre.  Packsize 6.25kg

Top Flush Millet Mix

Top Flush Millet mix is a blend of carefully selected red, white & panorama millets. This mix Can be cross drilled or broadcast in maize crops to add feed value and warmth
  • Mixture ensures a wider window of seed shed
  • Feed value from September to December
  • Provides a good feed block if sown adjacent to maize
  • Contains red, panorama and white millets
  • Sowing rate 5kg/acre. Packsize 10kg

Dwarf Hybrid Sorghum Seed

Dwarf Sorghum is short stemmed, sturdy, broad leaved and has a substantial seed head. Useful on more exposed sites due to its shorter growing habit.
  • Average height 1 - 1.25m (Click on image to see height comparison)
  • Often sown alongside maize, see Four Ten Mixture
  • Very good standing power due to short growth habit
  • Ideal cover providing a warm holding area for birds
  • Sowing rate 12kg per acre. Pack size: 12kg. Treated seed

Giant Sorghum Seed

Giant Sorghum is a cross between Sorghum and Sudan Grass Hybrid. It can grow over two metres tall providing excellent cover.
  • Produces warm and dense cover that can grow 2-3 metres tall. (Click on image to see height comparison)
  • Deep roots help it to withstand drought conditions
  • Works well as a windbreak protect more vulnerable crops
  • Sorghum is useful for flushing as it encourages the birds to lift above the cover
  • Sowing rate: 12kg per acre. Pack size: 12kg. Fungicide treated seed

Intermediate Sorghum

Intermediate Sorghum as the name suggests grows to a height between the Giant and Dwarf varieties. 
  • Grows to a height of around 1.5 metres. (Click on image to see height comparison)
  • Useful as a wind break around other game cover crops
  • Tall cover provides birds with protection from overhead predators
  • Similar to maize but does not produce a cob
  • Sowing rate: 10kg per acre. Pack Size: 10kg. Fungicide treated seed

Over 'n' Under Sorghum Mix

A combination of two differing heights of sorghum. The shorter Dwarf Sorghum will give the birds protection from predators with the taller Giant Sorghum acting as a windbreak.

  • Creates thick and sturdy cover which will last for a full season
  • Best sown from May-June
  • Fungicide treated seed.
  • 50% Dwarf Sorghum, 50% Giant Sorghum
  • Sowing rate: 10kg per acre. Pack size 10kg

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