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Grass seed spreaders, Rollers and Sprayers. Buy Online or Call 0800 883 0169 for Advice. Boston Seeds are wholesale online seed suppliers for Private Individuals, Business and Sports Clubs

BS Handheld Spreader BS125

This user-friendly hand-held broadcast is useful for spreading wildflower seeds, or for general use in small gardens etc. Can be used for seed and fertiliser.


  • Flow control
  • Capacity: 1kg Seed / 3kg Fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: 1.5 - 2 metres

BS Easy Spreader

This spreader is ideal for small areas or non frequent use. Easy to use and will give even coverage for areas that need seeding.


  • Variable settings, able to apply grass seed, fertiliser or granular salt
  • Easy to assemble
  • Capacity: 5kg seed / 10kg fertiliser
  • Spread width: 53cm 

BS Seed and Fertiliser Drop Spreader

Designed for smaller areas or where an accurate application is important. A drop spreader drops the seed or fertiliser vertically straight on to the lawn.


  • Variable settings, able to apply grass seed, fertiliser or granular salt
  • Extremely accurate application
  • Capacity: 8kg seed / 15kg fertiliser
  • Spread width: 45cm 

BS Seed and Fertiliser Rotary Spreader

Perfect for quick and easy applications of seed and fertiliser on lawns, paddocks and orchards. Variable settings to apply grass seed, fertiliser and granular salt.


  • Easy assembly, no tools required, ready to use in minutes 
  • Wide spread for quicker applications
  • Capacity: 8kg seed / 15kg fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: 1.5 - 3 metres

BS Seed & Fertiliser Spreader BS- 31505

A professional model for accurate application to large areas and regular use. This spreader is fantastic value for money and will be suitable for use on a regular basis.


  • Square hopper with removable grid, flow control with metal rods
  • Heavy duty frame and tyres, fully enclosed gears
  • Capacity: 20kg seed / 50kg fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: 2 - 3 metres

BS Towable Spreader BS-6000

A truly professional model, this towable spreader has a large capacity and rain cover, representing great value for money.


  • Suitable for ride-ons and quads
  • Fully enclosed gears with 35cm tyres and adjustable flow control
  • Capacity: 60kg seed / 80kg fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: up to 3.5 metres

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