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Cornfield Annual Wildflower Seed BS9P 100%

You will love BS9P Cornfield Annuals wildflower seed mix if you want bold and beautiful colour. UK native wildflower seed carefully collected and prepared for you. Enjoy nature's bounty and improve the environment.

  • Sow in spring or autumn - sprinkle on the soil and cover the seeds by raking or rolling. 
  • Wonderful habitat for bees and butterflies or just for adding colour to gardens verges, or fields.
  • Wildflower species are all recommended by the RHS as 'Plants for Pollinators'
  • Sow at 3 grams per sqm - 1kg sows 330 sq/m
  • Contains: Corn chamomile (yellow and white), Corncockle (pink-purple), Cornflower (blue), Corn Marigold (yellow), and Poppy (red).
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Mixture Specification

  Common Name Latin Name Quantity Flowers Height Type
1 Chamomile, Corn Anthemis arvensis 15% Jun - Jul 30 - 50cm Annual
2 Corn Cockle Agrostemma githago 45% May - Aug 50 - 70cm Annual
3 Cornflower Centaurea cyanus 20% Jun - Oct 20 - 80cm Annual
4 Marigold, Corn Chrysanthemum segetum 15% Jun - Oct 30 - 50cm Annual
5 Poppy, Common Papaver rhoeas 5% May - Jul 50 - 70cm Annual

BS9P Mixtue Contents