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AHL2 / AB9 1 Year Wild Bird Mix: Cereal Free (CSS10/CFX)

Use this mixture for AHL2 Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) and AB9 Countryside Stewardship (Winter Bird Food), to provide important food resources for farmland birds, during autumn and winter.

  • Farmland birds eat the seeds from October and beneficial insects including bees and butterflies use the flowers during the summer
  • Suitable for Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI): AHL2
  • Suitable for Countryside Stewardship (CSS): AB9
  • Can be used for later sowings and re-sowing of failed crops
  • Spring or summer sown - one year mixture
  • Contains: 30% Linseed, 15% White Mustard, 10% Oil Radish, 5% Brown Mustard, 5% Phacelia, 35% Buckwheat 
  • Sowing rate: 8-10kg/ha (added to c.40kg cereals) or 15-20kg/ha (as a standalone mix). Pack size: 20kg
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Mixture Specification

30% Linseed
15% White Mustard
10% Oil Radish
5% Brown Mustard
5% Phacelia
35% Buckwheat