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Daffodil Bulb Fertiliser

Whether you are establishing in pots, hedgerows or large landscaped areas sprinkle a small amount into each hole or mix in with the soil/ compost prior to planting your bulbs. Specifically formulated to encourage your daffodil bulbs to flower well into the following season, this blend is also suitable for use in early spring. Avoid using a high-nitrogen fertiliser as this can cause daffodil blindness.

  • Tailored to give your bulbs all the nutrients they need
  • Encouraging a longer and more consistent flowering period
  • Can be mixed with compost or Bulb Fibre
  • NPK - 5.10.20 + 2% MgO + trace element
  • Recommended coverage: 5kg per 200sqm. Apply at 25g/sqm
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