Agricultural Grass Seed

At Boston Seeds, we stock a comprehensive range of grass seed for cutting and grazing leys. Our agricultural grass seed mixtures all have different nutrient ratios so you can choose a grass seed mixture that fits your needs.

Mixtures such as Westerworlds Ryegrass Seed are especially popular for their ability to produce large amounts of biomass in only a short amount of time. They’re also suitable for silage, hay production, grazing and green manure. BS Italian Ryegrass seed mixture is another popular choice and can offer up to two years of intensive cutting whilst maintaining high yields.

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All of our agricultural grass seed mixtures offer a hardy grass blend, such as the BS Permanent Pasture, which can even tolerate hard sheep grazing. To make sure you give your grass seed the best chance to thrive, check out our range of paddock fertilisers and bulk fertilisers which are perfect for larger spaces. 


Not sure how much grass seed you need exactly? Our grass seed calculator makes it easy to accurately estimate how much grass seed is required for a specific area. 


With wholesale prices delivered direct to farm, you can buy grass seed for agricultural use easily online.