SIDERAL Winter Linseed
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SIDERAL Winter Linseed

SIDERAL winter linseed is a high yielding winter linseed variety first grown in the UK in 2018,  and one of the most consistent winter linseed varieties. SIDERAL is a an established variety in France, also grown in Germany and Italy. Sideral is bred by prominent winter linseed breeder Laboulet Semences in France.

  • Very high yield
  • Brown seeded
  • Medium-early maturity
  • Good resistance to fusarium wilt
  • Very good resistance to lodging at harvest
  • Medium height
  • High in Omega-3 oil

Sow 450 seeds per sq/m, to achieve 350 plants per sq/m going into winter. 28kg per hectare supplied.


Click here for delivery information and charges.

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