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Samson Stubble Turnip

Samson can produce giant, tankard-shaped purple roots and shows consistently high intake and weight gain in replicated trials. Samson Stubble Turnips offer vital autumn or winter forage when sown in the summer or after harvest.

  • Palatable to both sheep and cattle 
  • Ideal for finishing lambs and feeding to cows
  • Tetraploid variety, tried and trusted on UK farms
  • Suitable for grazing or lifting
  • Treated stock treated with Start-uP and Sepiret 
  • Sowing rate: 2kg/acre (drilled) or 3kg/acre (broadcast)
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Sowing & Establishment

Sowing Period:
Summer or post-harvest

Sowing Rate:
Drilled - 2kg/acre
Broadcast - 3kg/acre

Following Grass - spray the area and cultivate to a fine seedbed.
Folowing Cereals - lightly cultivate to ensure seed makes good contact with the soil.

Rolling after drilling aids soil moisture retention.

Utilisation Period:
Autumn and winter, 12-14 weeks from sowing.