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Spreading grass seed can be a laborious job, especially if you have a large area to cover. This is where a grass seed spreader can come in really handy.

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BS Easy Spreader
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This spreader is ideal for small areas or non frequent use. Easy to use and will give even coverage for areas tha...

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This is a durable, easy to operate spreader ideal for domestic and light commerc...

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Designed for smaller areas or where an accurate application is important. Drops ...

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If you're looking for precision when it comes to sowing seeds, then a drop spreader from Boston Seeds is perfect for situations where an accurate application is important.


Using a drop spreader avoids any overspill into borders, patios or paving as the seed drops directly underneath the spreader hopper. Due to how they work, drop spreaders are ideal for smaller gardens and grassland areas of irregular shape or contours.


Drop spreaders aren't just for sowing grass seed either. You can use them to spread fertiliser granules easily, to sow wildflower seeds evenly and to spread salt during the winter months.